3 Kinds of People You Must Avoid at Any Cost

3 Kinds of People You Must Avoid at Any Cost

written by: Mrs. Kolyanne Russ
by: Mrs. Kolyanne Russ
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In life, we are easily changed by the people around us, and how they treat us. For that reason, you want to choose your friends wisely.

Equally as important as taking steps to surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up rather than tearing you down is making sure that these certain types of people are not allowed near you.

1. The Success Thief

This is someone that rather than celebrating your successes, they make little of them and instead turn the spotlight on themselves, essentially stealing your moment.

You can often find these types of people in work situations where team projects happen.

You may have been the one to come up with the idea that helped your project be a success, but this person claims the idea as their own or otherwise minimizes your contributions.

If it's not clear, you should avoid these success thieves because they don't have your best interest in mind.

They only want to feed their own egos and improve their own careers, and they're not afraid to shove you down on their way up.

Humility is a good thing, but if you've done something well or gone above-and-beyond your duty, you deserve to be recognized for it.

2. The Drunk

Someone who is addicted to alcohol and can't seem to have fun without it is not someone you want to have in your life. This is the person that doesn't just want to grab a couple of drinks on a Friday night.

This is the person that we all know who wants to go out drinking every night and on the weekends, completely lets loose and usually has to ask others about what happened the night before.

There are several reasons as to why you should avoid drunks. First of all, if you spend too much time with them, they will likely drag you down with them into their world of irresponsible drinking and spending.

People who are out of control over their drinking habits often bring problems on themselves that you don't want to get involved in.

3. The Arrogant

The arrogant person seems to think that they are genuinely better than everyone else around them, whether they are smarter, more attractive, richer, or all of the above.

They always want people to recognize that they are better than the lesser of the world, and they will not recognize when they have made a mistake.

You should avoid this person at all costs because they will do everything in their power to make you feel like less than you are in order to feed their own ego.

They also very rarely let other people get close to them because they don't want to risk anyone seeing their flaws, which makes it nearly impossible to have a genuine, deep relationship with them.

By avoiding these 3 kinds of people, you will soon find yourself living a much happier and more fulfilled life.