3 Reasons to be Healthy you didn’t Think of

3 Reasons to be Healthy you didn’t Think of

written by: Jeanine Finelli
by: Jeanine Finelli
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I just returned from a quick jaunt down to the coast with a friend. We had plenty of laughs, tons of fun, and quite a bit of introspection on topics that really matter and not what big business wants you to care about....the latest hollywood divorce, who is homosexual, and all of the things you must buy in order to be happy. As we caught up with each other about our current events, so to speak, we talked about a friend who is resilient despite all of the things that would justifiably knock a person down for the count. Not this gal though...she gets up and gets back into the ring after each hit. I bet you know someone like this too, right?

When we think about getting healthier, or losing weight, much of it is tied to fitting into that bathing suit, that dress for the wedding or reunion, or our doctors telling us we need to. What I have come to find during and after my own toxic ordeal, and what this particular conversation brought to light, is that you will NEED to be healthy..more than ever, as you age – and it is so not about what we think it is.

We go from carrying babies and toddlers everywhere and we get up at night when they need us. Fast forward decades and that becomes lifting an aging parent from their chair to the bathroom, holding them up, and then helping them to their bed where you will be up all night tending to their needs. What sort of muscle tone do you think this sort of work requires? How will you do it if you need to?

You finally meet the love of your life and have a relationship that is filling you up in every incredible way. God calls your Love home decades before you even thought imaginable. How might this devastation affect your entire ability to move on and live a healthy life? How would it affect your immune system and your desire to live a life of wellbeing? How would this scenario play out if you went into it already healthy when something like this happened? Might you be able to at least spare you physical body while your heart grieved?

You worry, right? We all do....SIDS when they are newborns, crossing the street when they are toddlers, driving when the are 16, and going off to college when they are 18. You now worry about their first broken heart, their health, their ability to maintain individuality in a "cookie cutter" world. You worry because you love them. There will never be a time when you don't worry about your children, and so you learn that you just worry about different things at different stages. Stress, good and bad, over time will affect our health, hormones, cravings, and weight. I really believe that about 90 percent of things we worried about we really didn't need to, but those things leave a profound and permanent mark on our well-being, on our hearts, our blood pressure, our mood, our outlook, our weight, etc. It seems to me that the loss of a child is in a category all its own, and what that does to a parent's health is unimaginable.

What are you doing it all for? It's ok to do if for that little black dress and great heels, as long as you can take momma to the bathroom while you are wearing it! Is it time to think about who YOU can rely on and weed out the superficiality in your circle? Why do we say life is short but live like we are marching away from the grave instead of towards it? What will you do today to live....I mean really live a "strong" life.

Love Yourself to Health.


written by: Jeanine Finelli

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