7 Ways to Get Customers Marketing for You

7 Ways to Get Customers Marketing for You

written by: Mr. Wayne Sharer
by: Mr. Wayne Sharer
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A significant challenge for any business or non-profit when trying to build a high ROI, reputation marketing system like the one in my book, RepFluence Marketing: RepFluence Marketing: The Ultimate Small Business Owner's Market Domination Guide Leveraging Your Online Reputation for Clients and Sales is getting the customers, clients, or donors into their engagement cycle described in chapter 5. Getting people engaged can create fear for many business owners, so here are 7 ways to get them started using your natural engagement with customers and automation so they literally do the marketing for you.

I'll start with one of the most common ways customers and clients get engaged in various businesses like doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, lawn care, delivery, plumbing, etc. You may be wondering what these diverse types of business have in common for engaging.

It's simple. Nearly all these type businesses have the customer, client or patient sign in when they arrive or sign something to validate the service person did arrive on site. So, it's time to automate this process in a fashion which begins the feedback cycle detailed in Chapter 5 into play.

As a digital guy, it's still amazing to me how many businesses still have their customers, clients, patients, and donors sign in with a pen or pencil with a receptionist. Sure, it works, but automating it accomplishes so much more.

Before I launch into the 7-ways to get your customers into your reputation marketing engagement cycle, I'll remind you of this one vital fact. It applies to ALL types of business. After a tremendous amount of studies in the last few years the question was asked – how many reviews does a consumer look up before deciding where to buy or spend money?

The shocking fact is that it's not just a few. It's 10 reviews or more. So, if your business doesn't have 10 reviews or more online, most of the time that person won't pick up the phone, won't opt-in to your list, and won't email you to set an appointment. They look for someone else.

Studies have gone further and found how many reviews a business must have before a consumer trusts them. Guess what: it was nearly the same number – between 6 and 10 reviews.

So, the bottom line is you need least six 5-Star reviews posted online or your business isn't trusted by potential buyers. More is truly better.

These 7-ways to get your customers into your engagement cycle are key to solving this problem fast – getting you more money by getting you more trust you can market online and totally dominate your competition. This leads to you ultimately getting a 5-star reputation that will, no exaggeration, create referral quality customers from your online presence. Would you want a legitimate 5-star reputation that makes you money every day?

The first way to apply the RepFluence Marketing method to get customers into your engagement cycle is to simply create an electronic sign-in that integrates with a marketing database. Don't make the mistake of getting all glazed over because I mention integration and databases. That's easier than you think. Focus on the concept, which is even simpler.

Instead of the logbook or clipboard at the front counter, you have a tablet device with a simple page for your client, customer, or patient to sign in. Because it's electronic, it can send an email or text message or both to the people needing notifying.

This allows the reception person to stay focused on more important tasks and eliminates errors caused by others not being able to read our writing. Don't deny it. Many of you can't read your own writing.

Instead, the information is immediately saved electronically in your customer database. There is no confusion or mistakes. You know when they arrived and now have a way to automatically follow up with them. Do you see how this gets powerful? It begins the entire follow up, feedback, and review cycle. My book, RepFluence Marketing shows the entire, 8-step cycle.

Part of the follow up includes automating getting requests for feedback, which is also requested to be posted online when it is 4 or 5-star feedback. The number one reason buyers don't do positive feedback and reviews more often is because no one asked.

Now with the electronic sign in, you have a way to ask everyone. There are many other benefits, but we'll stay focused on the engagement here.

One result we got in a case study which was very common, was a client took this straightforward process and got 8 new 5-star reviews posted online in 7 days. The number you get depends on how many total customers or clients you engage in those 7 days, but just imagine getting two or three 5-star reviews each week as a result. Would that make a difference for your business?

So, here are more ways an electronic sign-in can be used:

  1. Replace Clipboard Sign In Form (we just covered that)
  2. Replace Fishbowl Business Cards – have them sign in instead.
  3. Sign Out Form
  4. On-Site Service Sign In – AC / Cleaning / Lawn Care / Plumbing / Home Repair, etc.
  5. Sales Accountability Strategy
  6. VIP Sign Up Form
  7. Registration Page: Tradeshows / Meetings
  8. List Building Strategy
  9. Enter to Win Contest Page

That's 9 total ways to use this. I gave you two bonus methods.

There certainly are more ways to apply this, and the list above should spur you to think how you can adapt this in your business to start the reputation marketing engagement cycle, so your business has the 10 or more fresh, 5-star reviews buyers look for when seeking you or your type products or services.

One final statistic you must know. Berkeley economists did a study published in the Economic Journal which found just a ½ star increase in a business's online rating generates 19% increase in sales. This was using only Yelp. Imagine if it grows just ½ star in multiple major directories. Can you really afford to ignore this?

My book RepFluence Marketing: RepFluence Marketing: The Ultimate Small Business Owner's Market Domination Guide Leveraging Your Online Reputation for Clients and Sales details the entire 8-step process which gets your customers, clients, patients, or donors marketing your business for you. You see how your online reputation becomes an influence on consumers to prefer your business over your competitors and make your brand stick in their minds.

To claim your copy of this revolutionary book, go to waynesharer.com/repfluence-marketing

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