9 Things Your Might Have Missed In Your Lead Magnet

9 Things Your Might Have Missed In Your Lead Magnet

written by: Ling Wong
by: Ling Wong
Effective lead magnet v1 Effective lead magnet v1

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Most people come to your website the first time aren't ready to buy from you or engage with your services.

Like anyone who has read anything about online marketing, you probably know you need to capture your website visitors' information with an opt-in.

That's a sound first step.

But not enough.

I see many people going through the motion of creating a lead magnet (aka freebie) and setting up an opt-in page, yet the content totally missed the mark.

Some make the mistake of leaving it too superficial – coughing up some "5 tips to whatever" anyone can find on the internet with a few clicks on Google and call it a day... afraid that they'd give away the farm.

Some make the mistake of using the lead magnet to dump out their knowledge – shoving the entire 300-page ebook to the audience... afraid that any less will make them look "unprofessional" or "don't know what they're talking about."

Your lead magnet is not just a "check it off the list" kind of marketing activity. It's an integral component in your inbound marketing process and content marketing strategy – and the creation of this content needs to be framed as such.

When you create your lead magnet, you need to consider the context:

  • The customer journey – what's their level of knowledge on your topic of expertise or their awareness of the problem you solve for them?
  • The user experience – how did they get to your opt-in page? Is the experience coherent?
  • Their relationships with you – are they predominantly cold leads, or are they somewhat warm (e.g. they've seen you around in social media)? How do they wish to relate to you, as the person who delivers their solution? Who do you want to be for them?

Then the content in your lead magnet should be structured so it addresses the following:

  1. Relevant and valuable enough for your ideal clients to share their info.
  2. Focus on one immediate challenge so the content is focused and easy to consume – if people don't finish reading, watching or listening to your content, it's not serving its purpose.
  3. Present your expertise in a way that answers "why you" – how do you stand out from your competition?
  4. Show them why the unique combination of your values, message, points-of-view, expertise and the way you deliver your services is the best fit for them. Instead of tooting your own horn, position the content as an objective evaluation of why your readers haven't been getting results with other methods and approaches.
  5. Fill the gap – what do they need to know about you, themselves and/or the problem in order to take the next step with you? You may need to educate them on their challenges so they gain the knowledge level to engage with your work meaningfully, or you may need to bust some myths and mindset hurdles for them to realize change is possible.
  6. Debunk any misconception that is holding them back from taking action or choosing to solve their problem with your methodology – unless they believe they can succeed, they won't work with you.
  7. Give them the language to articulate their challenges, so when they read your sales message you don't have to go back to square one and explain everything (this is particularly effective for my peeps who do more esoteric stuff.)
  8. Speak to their aspired identity – one that you stand for and can help them achieve.
  9. Lead into taking the next step with you – a call-to-action is an integral part of any piece of content created within the context of inbound marketing

Did I mention that lead capture is just one part of the proven inbound marketing methodology?

Inbound marketing and content marketing, when done well, can be very effective for coaches, consultants, solopreneurs and small businesses because it can generate high ROI (return on investment) and you can start with even a very small budget and scale up as you grow.

Not to mention, because its focus is on building trust and relationship with the audience, while building your credibility and showcasing your expertise – it's especially well suited for service professionals.

As a Hubspot certified Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing consultant, I can go on and on about it ;)

And I'm going to...

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