A Miracle — Cured of Skin Cancer

A Miracle — Cured of Skin Cancer

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
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Not long ago there was a man by the name of David that had malignant melanoma on his upper back and it started to spread.

He went to doctors and they took out a large and deep area of his skin and muscles to remove the cancerous area but it grew back. So they did chemo and radiation therapy but his cancer came back larger and more aggressive than ever. And soon it spread to his lymph nodes and from there to the rest of his body. At that point, the doctors didn't have anything they could do so they told him he only had 3 or 4 months to live.

But he never gave up, he was a very spiritual person and believed that if he could find a powerful spiritual healer that his cancer would disappear. So he went on a trek to see John of God in Brazil. It took a lot of doing to put together all his money to go see this powerful healer in Brazil that even Ophra has made a movie about but it was very important for him.

He arrived and he had to wear all white clothing, and he stayed in a hotel not too far away from the John of God healing center. First David was asked to sit in the current room for a while, where they have mediums sending healing energy everywhere, a powerful healing force can be felt in that room. In that room David felt dizzy, he felt peaceful, he felt a change came over him but he still had cancer he just knew it. And the first day he was not able to see John of God because there were so many people— there can be over 300 people going to see John of God every single day. But the second day he was able to see John of God, and John of God took one look at him and placed his hands on his surgery site and said, "Go Home within 3 Days Your Cancer Will Be Gone".

So he went home, he felt the same but there was a change that took place in his spiritual being. His anxiety that he had for years disappeared. And so he flew home and a week later he was due to see his oncologist after having a nuclear medicine scan to see if his cancer had spread even further.

Low and behold, they couldn't find any cancer at all. It was as though his cancer just disappeared into thin air— he was completely cancer free. The oncologist was beside himself and said, "This is amazing, I've never seen this happen in my 20 some years working in oncology". And so David told him his story of going to see John of God in Brazil, and the doctor ignored him and said it's just a coincidence.

But David was smiling because knew deep down in his heart that God, the Universe, and Great Spirit had cured him— via John of God.

May We All Be Blessed Just Like David!

If you want to see "John of God" google "John of God" and lots of information on how to get there and where to stay will come up.

Dr. Paul Haider

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