Are You Really Free?

Are You Really Free?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Really-free Really-free

It's early Sunday morning, I'm up by the light of the silvery moon writing this messages to you. On top the mountain I learned quickly, you need curtains at night because the moon glow can be similar to the brightness of the sun, and sleep is disrupted by its beautiful awe inspiring brilliance.

As I think about the diverse set of trainings we have this month I see the common thread and reason for them all is truly getting you on the path of personal freedom.

Seeking balance is a way to personal and lasting peace and joy. Taking the time for rectification. What is already good should be celebrated and enjoyed, while what is ignored, pushed down, hidden or altogether absent can now be corrected. Finding balance in an active world is truly an art, and should be top of the list for each of us.

In finding balance, we look to our career, and wealth magnetization. I have come to know that financial peace, having career and the business of life in order, with the proper accounts active and removal of debt to be vital to an internal peace. Although there's lots of agreement to lending and borrowing in this era, the actually situation of owing causes a kind of entitlement, and takes away a deeper sense of peace. For the next 2 months we'll pursue and investigate what success is, clear many areas of blockages and how to activate your wealth magnet so you can get free of debt and live where you belong, travel to wonderful places and breath easy.

As I discovered when mapping the sleep invaders training, spiritual interferences are robbing us of our vital life force and light of cell energies as we sleep. The why they are there how did they get there and how to permanently kick them out so as to have full ownership of the body will be the intense and wonderful process in our 8 hours of freedom from spiritual interferences. Many of these interferences cause us to age, be ill and die prematurely. They strain our nervous system and drain us of our happiness. Imagine a life free of spiritual interferences, aliens, demons, ghost and low vibration angels. We've had many lifetimes of this 'enslavement' time to start creating a new set point for all humanity and taking on full and complete charge of our beautiful magnificent bodies.

Pretty much every chart has timelines on it, we'll explore the impact of timelines, time bombs (things lying in wait ready to explode), and how we can end these timeline opportunities before they happen, or quickly resolve them as they surface without lots of struggle.

We wrap up the month with a very favorite and effective program on Ending Addictions, Obsessions and Compulsions. When all the programs and anchors as well as interferences are cleared, the challenge of addiction often just disappears.

So, what does living a life of full self expression and freedom look like yo you? Can you imagine more peace and happiness with less stress and problem energy? I invite you to go deeper, clear more, and be the person you truly imagine you could be, NOW.