Best Places to Find Healthy Food in Toronto

Best Places to Find Healthy Food in Toronto

written by: Ms. April Stump
by: Ms. April Stump
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Healthy living has been one of the top trends during the digital age. With influential people all around the world showcasing their hard-earned healthy bodies on the internet, the audience has become more and more involved in various fitness and health practices. One of which is opting for organic and all-natural food choices.

If you're on the lookout for places to eat while exploring Canada, Toronto is the place to be. Here are several grub hubs which offer healthy food minus the guilt.

5 Food Spots in Toronto for Healthy Food

1. Planta – there's more to this restaurant than just the play of letters. Because healthy living has been a global trend in the 20th century, Planta offers a full range of 100% plant-based foods which helps the environment by cutting out animal sources. Needless to say, Planta caters to the upscale communities by offering gourmet dishes to suit their needs. They also offer delivery services to give convenience to customers.

2. The Goods – if you're a fan of quick food deliveries then this restaurant will certainly satisfy your hunger. The Goods provides a whole range of nutritious yet delicious meals which give you a bang for your buck. It's not just about the food, but more of the connection that they offer to their consumers. Their recipes are infused with healing ingredients which can work wonders to the human body! They also have smoothies, soups, and meal packages that suit your personal health needs.

3. Urban Herbivore – located in the city of Toronto, this restaurant aims to only use 100% petroleum-free packaging to cut down on the damages caused by the food industry to the environment. Their food offerings are hearty and will not give you a single ounce of guilt. Ingredients are sourced and hand-picked from local farmers too!

4. Live Organic Food Bar – established in the 2000s, Live Organic Food Bar's menu is organic all across the board. Their recipes are all free from gluten and wheat, as well as refined sugars. They try their best to source only the highest quality ingredient from local farmers to encourage sustainability. Their burgers, burritos, and wraps are purely plant-based which means you will get the taste of the real thing, minus the meat.

5. Fresh – it all started with a humble travelling juice bar in the 90s. Fresh uses only the finest ingredients to make sure that their meals and juices contains a high amount of nutrition. Their food is made on a day-to-day basis to keep it as healthy and fresh as possible. But have you ever heard of a vegan dessert? Yes. Fresh also has a dessert menu which includes cake, cookies, and other sweet treat so you can cap off a great dinner with a guilt-free dessert.

These restaurants are just some of the places where you can satisfy your hunger without risking your health. As this trend increase over the coming years, more and more people will surely transition into this diet.