Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
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The light, brilliance and energy of fire.

Transformation energy and knowledge, burning off the past, taking on NOW, as the most brilliant place to be.

A rite of passage is the witnessing of NOW.

The power to consume the past and move forward, all the while supporting divine ideals,

removing darkness, a transformation into an enlightened state of existence.

Oh purifier of life, replace our sacrifice of the past, into a vision of NOW.

The fire to digest the past, resurrecting the light, manifesting the self, an icon of change.

The fire of the digestive system reconstructs our food into US. Amazingly transforming into a new NOW.

Breaking down matter turning it into energy, removing the toxins, re-solving US.

written by: Al Duval

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