Euphoria & Delusion

Euphoria & Delusion

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Euphoria Euphoria

In just a few days we'll be starting our Bliss Training. We'll all be fine-tuning ourselves to the frequency of pleasure, happiness, joy and gladness. Unlike the higher frequency signature of happiness, euphoria has an element of intoxication, delusion, illusion and deceit.

Through the years I've worked with some very gifted talented practitioners and students. Every couple years I watch a promising game-changing student fall into a spiritual delusion. If you've been in my trainings you know I generally discourage developing clairaudience (essentially hearing voices). These voices stimulate isolation, anxiety, a feeling of being better than others and not needing any help. It is the road to wreck and ruin. ;(.

The person becomes isolated, feeling singled out, which at first feels like a special privilege. It appeals to spiritual ego and pridefulness. They become overconfident of their accomplishments and ultimately get trapped in the delusion of a kind of euphoric "I'm done" sense. This state of mind causes them to fall off track with their practices to stop attending classes, daily meditations and activations. What's in the forefront of their thoughts... I'm good ~ I've got it all done ~ I feel great.

I've witnessed this delusion experience of a student six times in 30 years. It is not related to our Academy, but to the progression the student is making and the potential for helping shift humanity by example or in their practice.

As I worked with the student who is coming back from a difficult ten months of being lost and ultimately alone, I begin to ask God what is the source of this hardship? Can it be stopped or prevented?

Of course I could find a huge line-up of different kinds of aliens and demons...that was a given. But after clearing these away, who instigates this directed down leveling?

There is a force that feels the opposite of divine, the goodness of God. It is a dark force without form and shape but with intelligence and incredible power. I feel in each of the cases I've seen where this is happening—the individual had experienced incredible transformations and miracles in the quantum field. They held a tremendous amount of excitement and joy.

This down leveling can be transformed, nothing is lost but time, and a great deal of discernment and wisdom comes when the student awakens from the delusion and begins to heal from this spiritual trauma.

In the heart and soul message below, I've detailed signs to watch for to avoid falling prey to this delusional dark force. There is much greater power in light and goodness then in darkness, and free will must choose to follow truth.

Three deadly signs to watch for so that you can avoid going down the path of being singled out and isolated:

Cure: shut down the voices. Stay one your path. You can schedule one-on- one time with me through the miraculous one to one program, but shut those voices down ASAP your spiritual health and even your physical well being depend on it! Cure: You can look to what you still want to accomplish for yourself and for humanity, isolation is not the path to that.Stay on track, make sure your life is in balance, you can work with the balance wheel to help check to see what might be off. Cure: break your routine will inevitably lead to real disruption in your practice. I encourage you to do some clearing and get back on track. Once off track you'll need to use both will power and habit to return to your practice, far better to just keep the good vibe rolling along. I'm sure I'll think of more to add to this list but this is a great start on helping you avoid the drop-off-the-cliff experience of spiritual delusion.

  1. You hear voices telling you fascinating or wonderful secrets mostly about yourself, and you are trusting the voices which means your behaviors and habits have started to change.
  1. If you are making progress and working well in the quantum activations be wary of thoughts that suggest that you should quit that you're done understand that we're clearing all lifetimes and generations of experience from you you don't get this done in a year or two so if you're having the notion regularly hmm I'm good, I've done enough, know in your heart that is a spiritual interference pulling you off track.
  1. If you've had good success with daily meditations and feel like I don't need this any more I think I'd like to sleep in. Pay attention breaking a routine or discipline as this can be a sign of loosing you transformational authority. Think about this who is choosing the path lacking discipline and practice? It's likely not you...