Famous People Who Meditate

Famous People Who Meditate

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
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There are lots of famous people who meditate daily, and they all have great benefits take place in their lives from taking the time to calm their mind/body.

David Lynch - Movie Director says — For me, I got more and more happiness in the doing of things, ideas seemed to flow more freely. I felt more energy for the work and I began to see other people as people I liked more and more. I felt healthier and more comfortable in my body. The whole world suddenly looked better.

Hugh Jackman - Actor says — In meditation, I can let go of everything. I'm not Hugh Jackman. I'm not a dad. I'm not a husband. I'm just dipping into that powerful source that creates everything. I take a little bath in it. Nothing has ever opened my eyes like Transcendental Meditation has. It makes me calm and happy, and, well, it gives me some peace and quiet in what's a pretty chaotic life!

Ringo Star - The Beatles says — At the end of the day, I can end up just totally wacky, because I've made mountains out of molehills. With meditation, I can keep them as molehills.

Clint Eastwood - Actor says — I've been using it for almost 40 years now – and I think it's a great tool for anyone to have, to be able to utilize as a tool for stress. Stress, of course, comes with almost every business.

I find that everyone has a different reason for meditating but most of the reasons go back to a fast paced world with minds that can't cope with all the things we have to do and the lifestyles we lead.

For me personally, I find that meditation is a God send. Meditation calms the mind/body so I can hear the still small voice of God. At one time in my 20's, I was very depressed and was looking for something better than taking medications for depression. Then I found meditation and everything changed— I was no longer depressed and I was happy, I felt joyful inside. But more than that, there was a feeling of contentment and bliss that was not attainable any other way.

Meditation is great for stress but it also helps a person to find what's missing in their life and to fill the gap so a person can be happy with whatever they have right now. It's not about being happy tomorrow when I attain some goal, or two weeks from now when this or that happens— it's about being happy 24/7.

And like billions of other people who have embraced meditation, there is nothing else that can bring about such powerful changes in a person in a short amount of time.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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