Following Inner Guidance on 9/11

Following Inner Guidance on 9/11

written by: Ms. Janet StraightArrow
by: Ms. Janet StraightArrow
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In 2001, once a month I rented space offering healing sessions in mid-town Manhattan. I had a full day scheduled for 9/11/2001 Two weeks before that date, I heard a thought that said, change everyone to 9/10. As I listen to that inner voice, I made the changes. That Monday was a deep and profound day of healing with many people. There was an intensity to that day like no other. A day I will remember.

After my sessions that night, my daughters asked me to stay at their apartment in Chelsea and have dinner with them. I had a session scheduled for 9am the next morning in NJ so I declined. The next morning I had a woman on my healing table with her gentleman friend outside. At about 9:20am he ran in and told us of the first airplane hitting the tower.

In shock, somehow I kept on working. A half hour later he came in and told us about the next plane. At this point I woke up to what was happening, and had to call my daughters to make sure they were okay. I later discovered that my oldest was usually going to law school traveling through the basement of the towers getting on the train for NJ for a 9:15 train on Tuesdays. What a relief to find she went to the gym, and was planning to go in late that day. She would have been in the basement of the tower. Instead she heard the planes crash in the shower at home.

Their phone was on all day fortunately, many were not. I was able to be there listening and holding the energy and calm as best I could as they went out for gas masks and water. People were running up eighth avenue near their place and they were besides themselves in what to do.

I told the girls I felt it was best to stay put. Hoards were walking and running and being boated off Manhattan Island. I felt them safer to wait, but to prepare to come home to NJ the next day after the panic was over and the trains were running. It was the longest day.

I had no TV, so I missed the replay over and over again. It was traumatic enough to have my children in the city. I just prayed for all continually. I was grateful that I listened and went in on Monday and offered support for the people I saw before the event and was not in the middle of it. I was also grateful my daughter listened to her inner voice to go in late-it saved her life. Many others were blessedly delayed and saved. My daughters homecoming was such a relief. Welcoming them from the train was a feeling I will never forget.


On the weekend after the event I had a scheduled Reiki Master Training. I held it in my home and spacious yard. It was the most sacred experience for all of us to open up to divine source and healing and dedicate ourselves to helping others. When I offered the first initiations to these twelve women, we were outside on my deck. Just as I began the initiations, the very first airplane since Tuesday flew over my home. The power of that knowing was a punctuation point of the group. The entire weekend was deep, intense and sacred in its fullness. The healing work we offered one another was the grace we needed to make it through.

None of us will be the same. 25 miles from my home, and less than a mile from my only daughters, the atrocity of the century occurred. It took over a decade to begin to feel safe. Many students in NYC moved out of the area, and state. My daughters went back and moved later. That fear is gone. NYC feels safe again. I pray it is. May all be safe.

Blessings to all who died, their families, and those who are still traumatized by this event.

Love and Grace, Janet StraightArrow, Woman of Medicine

written by: Ms. Janet StraightArrow

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