For the Love of Life: Growing Radiantly Youthful

For the Love of Life: Growing Radiantly Youthful

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Growing radiantly Growing radiantly

It's late Saturday, Adelia's finally settled in and I'm reviewing the week's activities. I did 6 radio interviews all coming from the news that the brain study our Academy did last year yielding good results, is getting some real excitement in the general populace.

I was pulling up facts to use on longevity for a few of the shows that are focused on living long, healthy lives and I discovered Japan has close to 70,000 Centenarians! That's folks over 100 years of age. They're attributing this to diet and exercise, and it's reported this is putting a strain on the government to support folks for a long time.

I was visiting with my brother and transgender sister last weekend, one retired the other making plans to retire at 62, and I ponder the likelihood of a shorter life span, with no meaningful contribution to life and the world.

I feel so strongly that we need to stay actively involved and engaged in life. Learn new stuff, change with the times and keep striving for better health and vitality, even more full self expression, greater ways of contributing and loving/receiving love on a greater level with each passing month and year.

What do you think? Are you planning a retirement? Do you want a break from work life? Could you take a sabbatical and an adventure and return perhaps a year or 18 months later enriched and joyous to return?

Our month of August is filled with wonderful trainings to bring out the beauty and glorious nature of the divine feminie in every woman. It's an exciting time for us as the Academy and work gets more recognition, and the potential of more people getting to experience the magical quantum transformation as our new 'opt in' community is building rapidly!