Grounded Balanced and Strong: Your Best Year Ever!

Grounded Balanced and Strong: Your Best Year Ever!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Balanced strong Balanced strong

As we're about to enter 2019, I think about the wonderful year ahead for all of us who are choosing the path of quantum clearings and activations for health, wealth, love and magnificent vitality! Sooo exciting! Last night I attended an incredible performance of Shen Yun blissfully beautiful dance from ancient and modern China, done by young, strong, beautiful performers in the most exquisite costumes and colors that wowed the senses.

My evening companion and I talked non-stop all the way home (90 miles that seemed to disappear before we knew it). As a fire starter, having 7 planets in fire myself, this was just the stimulus I needed to feel reawakened once more to the magnificence the universe has to offer. What struck me so profoundly was the use of textures and colors, vibrant and stimulating in one performance then taking us into peaceful and calming in the next. The full piece orchestra with an incredible blend of traditional Western instruments, and ancient Chinese instruments produced the loveliest of sounds throughout a joy-filled evening.

To produce such a miraculous and wondrous performance meant each of these youthful dancers had spent years in study perfecting their art, and it was no surprise that they had all come out of the same academy in New York, now living out their dream bringing joy to sold out crowds across the US.

To be part of something so beautiful and amazing is what we do here at the Quantum Activations Academy. To achieve such mastery, many students are in their 3rd to 5th year with me and are clearing and mastering all aspects of the fine art of quantum regeneration and clearing.

The results are truly what lead to the most beautiful, grounded, balanced and fully expressed life possible for a human on earth. What I loved about the Shen Yun production was the great care and respect to learn the very ancient art of classical Chinese dance, instrument and voice and to develop the body in such an incredible way as to thrill and delight all whose eyes had the pleasure of watching!

I believe that if you could see your aura and field changing as you gained knowledge about the ancient secrets of the divine human blueprint and enacted Cellular neo genesis in your body as you caused yourself to grow healthier and ultimately younger, as well as seeing the actual effect in your field and body when large amounts of interferences programs and anchors leave, you would also see this incredible light show of vivid colors reawakening in your entire being.

Your life is before you. The cycle of this earth year is ending and a new year, with fresh new possibilities is just about to begin. What can you now let go of? What can you now embrace? What needs clearing? What needs to be seen and enjoyed?

I look forward to our new year together, together we are stronger, together we are better!