Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally

Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
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"A Case Study - Medical Doctor with Rheumatoid Arthritis Healed With Diet Change Alone"

Lots of doctors will tell you that Rheumatoid Arthritis can't be healed. But here is one medical doctor's process of changing her eating habits and being totally healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis in a very short period of time.

This is a story of an MD who worked hard and poured all of her energy into taking care of her patients and her children. She would eat anything that crossed her path and lots of fast food and animal products, and she also fed her kids' processed food. And she was stressed to the max and didn't have a single moment to herself.

Then after having her third child a little girl, she started feeling aches and pains in her hands and the rest of her body and she didn't know why. So she went to her General Practitioner and was finally diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and started taking all the state of the art drugs. Popping pills became her life... but on the average, she didn't feel that much better.

Exhausted and in Pain

And she was exhausted because she was always running here and there and taking care of everyone else except herself. Her new baby would cry and she could hardly move because she had terrible pain. And because of this, she started to resent her new baby and unconsciously was blaming her disease on her little girl. Then her pain got so bad that she would crawl up the stairs to her baby and after a while, she would lay on the floor and cry in pain.

Then she started to lose her hair and was sick to her stomach all the time because of all the strong arthritic medications she was taking.

A New Approach

Then she met an MD that was into holistic healing and used diet to heal health challenges. And she was very skeptical that food could heal anything. So she didn't do anything for another 6 months until she became very ill and collapsed at work and had to go home and recuperate.

That was the last straw... so she called her friend and she was placed on a Whole-Foods Plant-Based Diet and started taking care of herself for the very first time. She enrolled in a yoga class and attended 3 times a week and practice yoga daily... and she learned meditation and started meditating daily. This was all new to her and she didn't understand a bit of it... it was like learning Greek for the very first time because she was totally into modern medicine with drugs for healing everything.

3 Months Later

She kept up with her daily eating plan of eating a plant-based diet and was seeing improvements. But, she would cheat now and then with fast food and then she would start to feeling terrible again. So finally she swore off all the fast food and stuck to her diet. And 3 months went by and she started to have more energy and was really feeling good.

Another 3 months went by... and by that point, she was really feeling great and her arthritis virtually disappeared. And there were some added pluses... she had lots of energy, she gave up her crazy running around lifestyle, and she started to take care of herself for the first time. Plus she felt calmer and was able to do more at work and have very little emotional strain on her mind and body.

9 Months Later

Now she is totally off all her Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs and making great headway. All of her inflammation disappeared and her tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis were negative.

One Year Later

After seeing the results that she had with her own healing with a plant-based diet she decided to change her medical practice completely and now she heals most of her patients with food, diet, and lifestyle change.

Check out my Dr. Haider's - Whole-Foods Plant-Based Diet at https://paulhaider.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/the-whole-foods-plant-based-diet-and-life-style/

Remember - Diet, Diet, Diet... it's Everything.

And if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis... You Too Can Heal and Feel Great Again!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

Feel Free to Share - This information is meant to get you started so you can do more research on your own... dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

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