Heartbreaking, Traumatizing, Unforgettable, and Pride for our Heroes

Heartbreaking, Traumatizing, Unforgettable, and Pride for our Heroes

written by: Paula Elofson-Gardine
by: Paula Elofson-Gardine

The morning of 9/11 is one that I will never forget. So many of us were unexpected witnesses to history in the making.

My sister was getting ready for work and called out for me to turn on my TV. It was 7:15 MST (9:15 EST). Good Morning America was talking about some terrible accident with an airplane hitting the first World Trade Center Tower. LIVE, we watched in horror as a second plane appeared to make a U-Turn in mid air to hit the second WTC tower. Of course it became clear that our precious NYC/USA was in the process of the worst terrorist attack in the history of our country.

It was surreal, mesmerizing, as if we were watching a movie unfold. We just couldn't turn away, shocked when the towers crumpled and collapsed. It looked like one of those building implosions that demolished old buildings to make way for the new. It made us recall witnessing the coverage when our young President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, and when the space shuttle the Challenger took off and exploded - it was that momentous.

Then came the amazing stories of bravery, people reaching out to help one another, all heroes of the day bringing in people fleeing the huge debris cloud to come inside, helping others get off the island. Rather than defeating or bowing us, it made us stronger.

So many sacrificed themselves that day and afterward. The real after effects still not realized yet - the MANY exposed to breathing in that toxic plume of humanity, asbestos, PCB's, drywall, building rubble that was everywhere. ALL of those people deserve to be treated as 9/11 victims and provided care.

The most iconic scenes: The Firemen raising the American flag at the WTC site, one tower collapsing while the other burned, the rush of people that were saved coming out of the WTC buildings, all of the boats rushing to take people off of the island, the businesswoman wearing a beautiful women's suit with her hair swept up completely covered in ash looking stunned.

My thoughts and prayers keep those in mind that lost loved ones on that day, and the days that followed.

From Denver, Colorado USA

written by: Paula Elofson-Gardine

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