How Chakras Develop

How Chakras Develop

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Chakras Chakras

When a child is born they are without the appearance of chakras. Newborns have the blueprint beautifully laid out for the perfect timing and development of the energy systems. There are two layers to the aura at the moment of incarnation. To this point the infant has relied entirely on their mothers energy systems to feed and protect them.

By day ten the child begins to sprout a chakra bud which is essentially the 3rd chakra. This chakra supports the energy of will. Ever notice how babies can control even rule their environment? Well, now you know why. Will, which is the energy of the third chakra is the first energy system to kick in to gear...(not by the way survival which is supported by the first chakra). Chakra one will take another six years to develop. Human children are supremely dependent on their parents to help them survive and thrive.

About 30 days in body the child's 4th chakra begins to emerge as a little love bud. Thus the next level of enchantment begins. The parents, who upon first glance have bonded with their infant are now truly and completely in love with the little one, for a life time.

The infants connection with God through the 7th chakra begins to emerge in the third month. Until then, parents exist for the chid as God temporally.

Around the two year mark the child begins to activate the area supporting speech and in grows the 5th chakra bud at the base of the neck. Communication rapidly accelerates as the child's voice is funded by the energetic fuel from the growing 5th chakra. There is a massive campaign to understand and add rapidly to vocabulary as the seemingly unending why question becomes part of every experience.

At about 26 month the 2nd chakra appears as a little bud, this chakra supports creativity and motor skills. Ever see a little 2 year old going at it with a dance routine on youtube? This action is funded from the 2nd chakra providing the energy to develop and use physical creative energy.

Age five the 6th chakra begins to come in, as does the advent of self awareness. Prior to this, the process of higher learning is supported by the 7th chakra which is the god connection, once the 6th chakra is fully developed wisdom and knowledge will be sourced by the 6th chakra.

As the child becomes self aware the first chakra (survival) is now necessary. This chakra begins to bud at age 6.

Age seven is the age of a fully supported and developed chakra system in a human.

Ever notice how the baby qualities fall away around age seven and children can even appear as a wise sage. This physical change reflects the full development of a chakra system.

Description of Chakra

Chakra 1 approximately 8 inches in length 1/2 inch t the narrow end starting about one inch inside the body extending down towards the knees. Four inches in circumference on the wide end, revealing seven smaller spinning discs that extend into the chakra 2 inches. 3 central disc's and 4 exterior disc's, together appear flower like.

Chakras 2-5

Appear on the torso of the body in from and back. The narrow end of the funnel shaped energy center is against the surface of the skin extending out 5 inches with a 4 inch circumference. Chakras 2, 3 and 5 have the 7 disc in the same configuration as chakra one. For 98% of humans chakra 4 is also like it's siblings. For 2.2% of people, individuals we think of as love masters, their 4th chakra can extend 7 inches out the front and back of their body and have up to 11 spinning discs with a circumference of 6.5 inches.

Chakra 6

Appears off the front of the face between the eye brow extended 6 inches and out the back of the head 2.75 inches above where the spin meet the skull extended 4 inches. Discs range from 5 to 15 in number with this extraordinary chakra that supports mental activity and brain function.

Chakra 7

The seventh chakra is beautifully positioned over our head. Is one chakra extending up. It appears more like a pillar then a cone shaped. The top is still larger at it's opening then the bottom of the chakra. The bottom appears much larger for most people 4-5 inches close to the top of the head extending 8-9 inches about 6 inches at the upper opening. It provides energy of the highest essence for human growth in all areas of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.