How Dressing Well Can Boost Your Confidence

How Dressing Well Can Boost Your Confidence

written by: Ms. April Stump
by: Ms. April Stump
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While caring about your appearance can be viewed as narcissistic or shallow, it is not always a bad thing. Psychological research shows that putting care into your appearance will help build your confidence. This is because when you know that you look good, you are more likely to view yourself as good. I'm sure you've at least once experienced getting your hair done or doing your makeup just right and feeling great during the rest of your day. This was because knowing you looked good improved your mood and boosted your confidence. This concept directly applies to the way you dress as well. Wearing clothes that you look and feel good in are beneficial for your mental health, which should always be a priority in your life. Here are some basic tips you can follow to help you dress well:

Wear Flattering Clothing

Not all clothing is going to look good on you, and that is totally okay. Different types of clothes are better for different types of bodies and different types of styles. When you pick out clothing for yourself you want to make sure that the clothes you buy are flattering for your figure and fit your personal style. If you're not sure, there is no harm in asking the opinion of a close friend who is capable of being honest without being mean. Another trick to keep flattering clothing is to make sure it fits properly. If you really like a piece of clothing but it doesn't fit quite right, there is no shame in getting it tailored to fit you better.

Dress for the Occasion

Dressing well does not necessarily mean dressing up. Different clothes work better in different situations. If you're going to work you should wear professional clothing, if you're going to a movie maybe wear something more casual. This principle also applies to dressing for the weather. You might really like your wool sweater but when it is 20 degrees outside, it's not the wisest choice. You should also always make sure that what you are wearing fits what you are doing so that you are comfortable. If you are going to be traveling by car a lot, maybe jeans aren't the best choice and you should opt for something more comfortable. Whatever the day brings, try to make sure your clothes are ready for it.

When in Doubt, Dress Up!

With the consideration of dressing for the occasion you should know that sometimes all a confidence boost requires is breaking the norm. Maybe you are bored of dressing casually and want to buy some cute dresses to mix things up and feel good about yourself. If you are going to an event and you do not explicitly know the dress code, you should dress on the more formal side. It is never a bad thing to be the most formal person in the room as it makes you the most confident person in the room too.

written by: Ms. April Stump

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