I am right! No, I am wrong!

I am right! No, I am wrong!

written by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
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It seems we get Answers from Our Thoughts

Acknowledge our way through doubt"How we see our Truth

It can be overwhelming

That we have tunnel vision

We Think"I am a hundred per cent sure"

Yes, That 's the Answer

Yet in a split second

We can unknowingly come across

The Real Truth

OH My ! How did I convince myself?

How could i assume I was right?

This is a very Important message

Be Humble..Think before you say "I Know"

Look at all possiblities

Openmindedness is truly our best friend.

And so it is.

My poem I wrote today as I meditated my inner truth..My learning

I hope it resonates with you

Thanks to my Angels for their guidance as always

Love and light

Margie Kugler

Copyright 2018