If You Do These 3 Things, This Is What It Means

If You Do These 3 Things, This Is What It Means

written by: Miss Gina Battye
by: Miss Gina Battye
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Do you compare yourself to others?

Do you tell yourself a story/narrative about someone else (e.g. my partner doesn't find me attractive anymore)?

Do you tell a story about yourself (I am rubbish at ...)?

In this week's episode of The Soul Work I explore these in detail and what it means for you.


I have put together a free guide detailing 4 tools that are guaranteed to get rid of your belief of I am not good enough - for life.

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About Gina Battye

Described as "Britain's equivalent to Oprah Winfrey", Gina Battye is one of the world's hottest rising stars.

Gina is the creator of Soul Quest™ & The Soul Work, is an internationally sought after & award-winning author, coach & speaker, and the leading LGBTQ voice in the self-help world.

The Soul Work consists of powerful strategies to release your inhibitions: your negative thoughts, self-doubt, insecurities, fears that lurk beneath the surface and the mask that you wear to hide the real you.

Through The Soul Work, Gina works with leaders, business owners and the LGBTQ community to break down their old conditioning and beliefs. The two main beliefs and thoughts that Gina works with the most are 'I am not good enough' and 'What if I am found out?'

For more about The Soul Work visit http://ginabattye.com/the-soul-work