Imagine our world with… “many different challenges”

Imagine our world with… “many different challenges”

written by: Mr. Antonio Kalentzis
by: Mr. Antonio Kalentzis

A young man 24 years old , was looking out of train window saying:

"-Dad look, the trees go back!" ...

His father smiled calmly . There was also a woman sitting just next of them and felt awkward for the childish behavior of this 24 year old man.

Suddenly the young man said: "-Dad!!! Look, the cloud run with us!"

The woman could not resist and said to his father: "-Why you do not care abou t your son and you do not go with him to a good doctor?"

The father smiled and said: "-This is what I did.... we are just back from the hospital. My son was blind since his birth, but today can see..."

Everyone has his own path, with difficult situations . The easier thing is to criticize someone that looks different...

Now... Imagine a world that everyone is positive and help each other... this planet will not be a place with "difficult life situations" , but a place with "many different challenges".

Antonio Kalentzis