Inspiring A Renewed Sense of Being

Inspiring A Renewed Sense of Being

written by: Ms. Robin Jay
by: Ms. Robin Jay
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I wrote the screenplay for "The Secrets of the Keys" because I was inspired to share the real life drama I experienced in 2001. I wanted to empower viewers and offer them the same renewed sense of being that I'd gained along with an appreciation for all that life has to offer.

Like my character in the film, "Elizabeth", I received a call from my doctor that had me believing I wouldn't live to see the summer that year. Since recovering, I have changed my life completely, resigning from my career in advertising sales and becoming an author, speakers bureau president, and ultimately an inspirational filmmaker. The power that comes disguised as adversities is evident throughout the film. It is incredibly powerful and uplifting, ripe with stories that are often amazing and miraculous. This unique journey of discovery will keep you thoroughly engaged. The film also offers cameos from some of today's top thought leaders, including Brian Tracy, Rev. Michael B. Beckwith, John Assaraf, don Miguel Ruiz, Dannion Brinkley, and Gloria Loring. There are often times I can hardly believe what I've been able to accomplish, all stemming from a dire adversity that has ultimately motivated me to do "more."

As Writer, Producer, and Costar, I set out to create a film that offered up more than the traditional "talking head" documentaries that have become popular since the success of "The Secret" in 2006. I wanted to create a film that was beautiful and entertaining, and also one that would be rich with the wisdom of many of today's iconic self-help experts.

The narrative story focuses on Elizabeth, who finds out from her doctor that she may not survive until the end of the year. The story is slightly reminiscent of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" in that Elizabeth meets some remarkable friends on her journey to self-discovery. She is visited by her spiritual guide, "Gwen", who offers Elizabeth a job opportunity. She is there to encourage Elizabeth to join her as a spiritual guide, helping people to appreciate their lives more... to do more, be more, and to be happier with their lives. Gwen is accompanied by her eager-to-please - but ditzy - apprentice, Goldie.

The ladies encounter various experts from around the world, some whom Elizabeth knows from her work as a motivational speaker and others to whom she is introduced to by Gwen. The casual conversations offer a realistic look at some of life's most important lessons, and all of which relate to 7 Keys – or principles – that help people to live a life that matters. The 7 Keys are: Appreciation, Harmony, Courage, Passion, Faith, Vibration, and Empathy. The stories the thought leaders share are their deepest, most personal stories and experiences of how they came to understand the value gained by embracing the keys.

We shot the majority of the film on the grounds of a lush estate in Boulder City, overlooking Lake Mead. We traveled to the dog beach at Camino del Mar, near San Diego, to shoot John Assaraf's segment. The movie's setting and pace are perfect and the visual backdrops are stunning.

Will Elizabeth decide to accept Gwen's offer of a new kind of existence? What are her options? When you see this film, you'll cheer for Elizabeth and the experts as you begin to feel your own renewed sense of being. This film is not just an amazing account of one woman's adventure; it is also proof that we can do whatever we set our minds and intentions to.

written by: Ms. Robin Jay

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