Is your Home Energy Field being messed with?

Is your Home Energy Field being messed with?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering

I'm always asking questions about why some things are the way they are and I discovered something pretty amazing this week, something I know you'll want to know about immediately.

Home Energy

In our 21-day Wealth Acceleration program we do address feng shui and the proper placement of items and furniture in your home. This is however something you can do on your own to improve the flow of energy supporting your life and livelihood.

Entirely different to the issue of placement is the issue of visitors and guests in your home. I'm always uncomfortable when the cleaners are here, I feel overtaken and often try to leave as the energy becomes intolerable. The same thing happened with the Nanny who only lasted 2 days and quit. I felt overtaken by the energy.

So what happens when someone comes into your beautiful space and they spread their aura out, perhaps to make it feel more comfortable for them and give them a sense of physical belonging?

From them, the guest:



Stimulation response



High self



Sensory outflow

Systems operations

Light of cell



Golden rings


This is information on why you feel uncomfortable and what they are extending into your home environment.

They leave behind after they've gone

Stimulation response, something to do with light of cell and potentially presence.

This is happening because on some level this is how they are making this space their own while they are in your space.

It's funny I've been in a bit of a dilemma I haven't had the cleaners for for a couple weeks and the house feels so much better but it needs a nice once through. So I don't want to make them feel uncomfortable and alienate them, so how to handle this issue? My immediate instinct is to leave when they're here and clear the house of their energy even prior to driving in the garage and entering the house.

If this is something you have felt here's what I suggest: You could use the above details with an intention to clear supported by the quantum hand movement of platter to freshen after an invited guest has gone.