Miracles in Divine Time

Miracles in Divine Time

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Miracles Miracles

As we begin our Summer of Miracles we kick off our week prior to summer solstice with our incredible brain regeneration in Year of Miracles and this year as with every training there were some truly wonderful surprises. Instead of approaching the 5 brains as we've done in the past, we addressed the brain by function and performance and worked 14 areas addressing so much detail in the individual function of each area. It was such a powerful retreat, and one of the deepest clearings I think ever done prior to regeneration in any area of the body!

Speaking of miracles I have 3 to speak of ones that have and are changing my life for the better.

Our most recent miracle in the Academy in terms of recognition is the invitation for me to appear on PBS for four 9-minute segments! I've been imagining this for eight years and it came to me effortlessly. The recording is happening in the first part of September, and there's much to prepare for prior to that very special day in the TV studio!

Something you may not count as a miracle but I do, having always set my goal of returning to a trimmer version of myself but never getting under 133, I am now 130 and heading back to my late 20's health, vitality and figure! Along with all the clearings and mock ups, I'm following a Keto meal plan and have improved my chemistry, specifically hormones related to weight. It feels great, and I know that I can get healthier and stronger, and will in the weeks and months ahead, especially with a full summer of outdoor activities.

The miracle you'll think is, hmm is that a miracle Julie Renee or something else, my home. Having mocked it up and planned for it for years (14 years to be exact), knowing it was a big white house on a mountain top with multiple fireplaces and room for a growing family. I finally found it way out of the price range. I'd been imagining and knowing this is my house. Heaven and earth moved, and the house became mine a few months after walking into it.

I think we want our miracles to happen fast. Instantly actually, and sometimes they do. And sometimes it happens gradually over time without us even knowing it's happening. Take a moment and reflect on your miracles fast and drawn out, is any miracle less perfect in the fast or slowness of the timing? Sometimes the universe is prodding us along saying the miracle is yours when you stop 'needing and desiring' it. It's yours when you row into the bigness of it.

You're blessed and your life has many miracles in it! It's time to notice your miracles and build on all that's good in the moment, enjoy life!