My Story and Mary queen of Angels

My Story and Mary queen of Angels

written by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
by: Mrs. Margie Kugler
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I am a Scleroderma patient who has battled an Autoimmune condition for 15 years.I have recently published my own Book of Poetry, called the Gift Within.It is a journal of my life with this chronic illness.I express myself with affirmations, dedications and prose poetry whilst being on my journey of peace, enlightenment and spiritual and personal growth. I found the Poetry was so easy to write with little or no editing, this was given to me as a form of "Automatic" writing.A special gift which is why I named it, The Gift Within.During my book signing in California I studied Angel Card Reading with the famous Doreen Virtue.Three years later I am now having my own business and reading hundreds of Angel Cards to people all over the world.The accuracy is so phenomenal, I have discovered my second Gift of Channeling the Messages from my Angel Card Reading.

Hello everyone I want to thank you for visiting my site here is the link to my Book The Gift Within here is the link to purchase my book The Gift Within

You will love my special book of poetry.

Here is another new poem I wrote for you all today.


Petals of a thousand flowers

Roses, Tulips, Sweet Peas

As far as the eye can see

Candles floating....Lighting up

The Magnificent sky

Stars twinkle

The moon is full and bright

A clear night

Angel Cherubs sit close

to Mother Mary

They sing so sweetly

Birds and All kinds of animals

Gather round to watch

Mary Queen of Angels

She blesses us all

with only Her presence.

And so it is

By Margie Kugler copyright 2018