My Story ~ Mental Health Matters

My Story ~ Mental Health Matters

written by: Mrs. Lynn Thier RHN
by: Mrs. Lynn Thier RHN
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My story – Those who have been hurt the most, offer the greatest opportunity to help heal ~ Lynn Thier

So, I've often thought, if i speak my truth ~ what will people think of me? Will I be loved and accepted or judged and rejected? Dr. Brown spoke at a Ted Talk on vulnerability; she is a shame researcher. Dr. Brown states that "Courage is to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart." Georgina O'Keefe, famous artist from the early 1900's said "Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, making the unknown known is what's important."

So here I am to tell you the story of who I am with my whole heart and make some unknowns known.

As a little girl in growing up in Atlantic Canada in the 1970's, a popular activity for little one's was skating. I loved skating and being on the ice... my mother Peggy had me in skates before the age of 2! Mornings were cold in our winters in New Brunswick and by the time I was six years old, we were on the ice by 6am three mornings a week! Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesday and Thursday evenings were ice practice as well as Saturdays and Sundays.

We had a full skating schedule along with off-ice conditioning too. Running & dancing were some of our off –ice activities and of course I loved dancing! The one thing I didn't like and still don't enjoy to this day was the cold! As an adult, I'd rather be basking in the sunshine and soaking in my Vitamin D any day!

Being in skating at a young age taught me certain values. Mainly hard work and discipline. I had a drive to be the best and succeed. When I was little, I didn't see any limitations. I saw what was possible, not impossible. My childhood was filled with watching the best on TV, Brian Orser, Kurt Browning, Elizabeth Manley, Barb Underhill and Paul Martini, Isabelle Brasseur and Lloyd Eisler. But oh how life takes its twists and turns...

But something happened, my vision got my own doubts, fears and lack of self confidence and self worth. At the time, I didn't realize where all this was stemming from because I had shoved it down deep... I had no idea why I was so depressed, feeling useless, helpless, even hopeless. In my teens, i spiraled downhill, I used food, alcohol and drugs to hide my true emotions and numb myself... Now, I realize where it all started...the root of it all.

Sexually abused at age 4 was the root of my acting out as a child. I spent a few summers away from home as a teenager to train in skating... While away at the age of 14, i was raped which left me even more hardened and depressed. I kept it all inside, not telling a soul for fear of rejection and blame. The depression was so bad that at age 15 i attempted suicide and landed on psychiatry in the hospital for 3 months. i can't describe the feelings and desire of just wanting to die. I was put on heavy doses of anti depressants as well as sleep medication... I was given many diagnoses... clinical depression, a few years later, PTSD and even bi-polar disorder.

Did i have depression? Yes but why? Get to the root cause and heal the trauma and the depression can lift. Especially when using specific techniques such as Time Line Therapy (R), Hypnosis and NLP !

I abused my body with alcohol, drugs, severe dieting and bingeing throughout my teen years but never gained a lot of weight because I always exercised. As a skater, I was on the ice many hours per week along with off- ice conditioning. After the suicide attempt, I quit skating... one of my biggest mistake that I regret big time! . If only I had of been able to turn my mindset around with a newfound belief in myself.

I had a few years in high school of not exercising at all, big mistakes since I put on 30 pounds, 20 of them from anti depressant medications. Gaining weight did not help my depression, it made it worse. I struggled and attracted shit into my life all the time... which was because on the inside, i felt like crap and projected that outwardly.

Thankfully, Exercise was my outlet, my obsession, working out became my lifestyle. Just like the habit of brushing your teeth, you wouldn't go weeks and months without doing it, would you? Exercise is like that for me, through repetition it has become a habit that I've kept. It's a healthy habit that I'm grateful for that I still do each day. It does help boost serotonin levels and keeps me young!

Being depressed or low was normal to me, it felt like home because it's what I knew. Happiness was not the norm, it came and went throughout the years, but my normal everyday state was a feeling of being down, focusing on struggles and obstacles instead of solutions. Now after studying and being certified at the Master's Level in NLP, Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy (R), i was able to come off my anti depressants after 28 years! Now i'm dedicated to helping others overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, stress & PTSD.

This past year has been particularly stressful for me, mom was sick and she wanted to stay home and not go into hospital to die. My sister lived nearby and looked after her much of the time, I traveled to Ottawa to help out and she passed with the two of us with her November 5th 2015.

My husband Mike was ill off and on all year... He went to the doctor several times complaining of dizziness and shortness of breath. He was told it was vertigo – likely the after affects of his accident many years ago. Less than six months after mom passed, Mike got up and fell to the ground one morning. After doing blood work at the hospital, his hemoglobin came back at 38. Unheard of we were told. After your hemoglobin drops below 50, usually the person will suffer a massive heart attack.

Mike was admitted and within a few days, developed influenza, double pneumonia and once in a coma and on life support, his kidneys failed. Doctors didn't think he would make it... He was transferred to St-John where it was hour by hour, day by day for close to 2 weeks. Thankfully he pulled through and is feeling better now than ever before, he's back to the gym working out again and doing what he loves.

My Book "Your Life Matters, Shit Happens, Now What" will be published within the next few weeks! In it, you'll discover the keys to overcoming trauma, depression, anxiety so you can go from surviving to thriving in life!

I now use Rapid Depression Therapy with clients using specific tools and techniques that work with the unconscious mind and find solutions instead of circling the problem. It worked for me and it can for you too! Connect with me if you'd like to learn more or schedule a complimentary call.

About Lynn:

Are you ready to make the necessary shifts to get the results you desire for yourself? I am here to help you!

Learning to make positive shifts, especially a shift in mindset are key to creating our best life. Our mindset affects every area of our lives ~ If we are struggling in our personal lives, it will ultimately affect our business, career and relationships. The techniques used truly is short term therapy with long term results.

Lynn has had several careers and a varied background in Social Services, Recruitment, Business and Sales as well as Health, Fitness & Nutrition for over 25 years. She specializes in Mental Health Services, Releasing Negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Stress & PTSD. There is also a link with Obesity & Depression, Lynn works with clients who want weight loss, better health and happiness.

written by: Mrs. Lynn Thier RHN

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