Our Vehicle

Our Vehicle

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
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Our personal life vehicle needs a responsible driver.

The body our personal life vehicle, is designed to interact with the ever present.

The light speed of the eyes, reveals the truth, the air speed of the ears reveals disturbances, the liquid state of the heart reveals interaction, the physical state of the bones reveals strength.

The many variations of these, reveal how functional these states are.to allow the mind to explore the gift, moving through time/space, changing with the state nature is providing, illuminated to see, breathing to communicate, liquid to flow, matter to explore.

The nature of being human, is being natural, removed from nature our ego creates fear. Fear is a mind full process but with no nurturing, the body under the control of the ego, is doomed to perpetual death.

The mind, minds with intellectual excellence, the heart trusts with emotional commitment, the guts determined to digest the energy for growth, the reproductive nature of life relies on fulfillment, the need to stand tall comes from our divine – as spine.

Do not be driven to death by the ego, try stepping out into the joy of now.

The brake needed is breath.

written by: Al Duval

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