Planning: The Formula for Success In Life!

Planning: The Formula for Success In Life!

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Formula-for-success Formula-for-success

Best made plans sometimes are not fulfilled when you imagine they should be, but if you plan you will succeed!I'm reminded of this when I look at the time it took to take the company global, move into my beautiful home and start a family. All of these lifetime projects took time, clearings and regenerations, but in the long run I have manifested in ways I know my family never thought possible, and I'm healthy, youthful and enjoying the journey.

In this age of fast food, fast shopping on the internet with next day delivery, gosh, we've gotten to think everything can be done at light speed. But really for the important things, things you may need to clear lifetimes of blocks away to accomplish, patience and planning and of course hope and prayer are the keys to winning at your own game of life.

If you haven't yet overcome an addiction, but you have been making efforts to do so, have faith, ask for help and please do give our Ending Addictions, Obsessions & Compulsions training, it may be the answer you're looking for. I'm also thinking of the way you draw wealth and abundance to you, if it hasn't yet really happened for you, listen it's not over, you are alive and there is more you can do, more steps you can take to make your dreams a reality. I'd love to mentor you in Everyday Magnetism and help you clear and activate. If your emotions haven't settled, you just never feel at peace or really happy or content taking steps like joining in on Quantum Emotional Balance or our year-long Growing Together program are helpful actions to move you towards your goal.

I encourage you to keep going for those dreams and making them, over time a fully realized experience. Right now you may have a part of your dream life, and know you are meant to have it all.

We don't always know or understand the timing of how things manifest, What I do know is when I get that 'no matter what' attitude, things shift rapidly, and those times are where I have made the greatest life transforming shifts.