Prevent Energy Loss in Your Home

Prevent Energy Loss in Your Home

written by: Pat Heydlauff
by: Pat Heydlauff
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Have you done everything you can think of to energize your home yet somehow you still feel like there is a drain on your personal finances, your health or good fortune? Have you un-cluttered your closets, your kitchen cabinets and gotten rid of all of those stacks of "stuff" that collect throughout your home and got a short energy burst that made you feel better but the newly found energy seemed to slowly leak right back out of your life?

These complaints pop up way too often in conversations with my clients and students. They simply cannot understand why they still feel drained after doing all the things they felt would improve their personal energy and the energy of their surroundings. One should feel energized and invigorated after properly Feng Shui'ing their home and it should maintain that energy level instead of slowly slipping away.

The absolute first place to look 99% of the time is the bathroom. If the bathroom is located in the east area of your home literally it is washing good health energy down the drain or it is being flushed down the toilet. If it is in the southeast the same happens to wealth and in the southwest or the center of your home, good relationships. In the west it affects the energy of your children as well as creativity and in the northwest, helpful people and travel. The best places for bathrooms in a home are the north area of the house or the northeast with the south running a distant third. Unfortunately, we are stuck with the location of our bathrooms and all that water, plus the good energy, running down the drains. There are a few simple and inexpensive steps you can take to stop the good energy erosion.

1. Keep the drains closed and the toilet lid down at all times, opening them only when being used. This prevents the much appreciated uplifting positive energy from draining away and slowly meandering throughout the home. This rule applies to every bathroom in your home no matter where it is located.

2. If the bathroom is in the east or southeast area of your home, add several live green plants to the room to encourage good health and wealth and further prevent positive energy from escaping. If you are not "into" live plants or cannot care for them, realistic silk plants will work just fine.

3. If the bathroom is located in the southwest, the west or northwest, grounding the room with a pretty garden rock placed attractively among some terra cotta pots filled with silk flowers in earth tone colors will work great. For the grounding, you can also use a terra cotta clay saucer or a ceramic bowl filled with a selection of small stones you've either collected along the beach or a lake shore; even purchased stones that you love will do just fine.

4. Softly fragranced burning candles help to further eliminate the loss of energy down the drains in bathrooms. Always use candles in containers that are safe and when burning, never leave them unattended.

5. If the bathroom is extra large place a softly upholstered bench or chair in the bathroom and hang some pictures of trees or bouquets of earth tone colored flowers on the walls to overcome the emphasis on the over sizing of the energy drain presented in large bathrooms.

There are many other solutions besides those noted above such as painting bathrooms a soft sage green or earth tone color. Or, keep the door closed to the bathroom at all times and place a mirror on the outside of the door (if appropriate for its location) to force the positive energy in the house to meander in other directions. You will indeed notice a difference and find you and your home will once again be filled with wonderful refreshing positive energy.

You do not have to live with this loss of energy due to the architectural design of a particular house or condo. There are always solutions that can be implemented with little or no cost such as those noted in the suggestions above. With all of the negative energy constantly bombarding each of us on the nightly news, it is important that we protect our precious uplifting positive energy, keeping as much of it as possible in our homes.

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