Principles Being Successful as Your Train in the Quantum Activations

Principles Being Successful as Your Train in the Quantum Activations

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Successful Successful

In my one-to-one session yesterday with a dear student and long-time follower I was deeply touched by his assessment of the academy, and my work. He praised the structure and consistency, the commitment to excellence and follow through. He cited examples like the reminders of trainings, the starting on time, and keeping our promises. Also the incredible attention to detailed mapping and explanations, being able to not just work in the quantum field but to understand what it is that we're working on in a formulaic and consistent way.

We spoke of his own partnership and diligence, of how he as a business man made all the pieces work in his life.

Six Important Success Principles for you to mull over as you approach your trainings.

  1. Be on the live trainings as much as possible it helps you in a hundred different ways, gets the session under your belt and you feel part of the movement in a powerful way.
  2. If you're taking the training after, because of say a work obligation, do it as soon as you possibly can, within hours is best, and surely by the following weekend. If not, on a psychological level it becomes hard, you may feel like you've fallen behind and can't catch up.
  3. If you do fall behind, first do the current training, before fussing about the missed trainings. Don't let more slip by, jump in even without catching up, by doing so you reset for success and may then have the ability to catch up with past courses.
  4. I know life does get out of balance, but try your best to keep life on track and in balance. Organize your trainings in your calendar, as well as your healthy balanced life.
  5. Find ways to make longer commitments to the program, our fella jumped into the Foundational apprentice wanting to leap from Year of Miracles and a good handful of personally selected trainings, to a more consistent and well devised plan for him. The 2 levels of apprentice trainings are a wonderful container for moving through.
  6. Our fella also understood and said he wanted to stay, knew it was a 4 to 5 year commitment, just like a worthy goal in university, he was in for the long hall and the great rewards, feeling healthier and happier, intrigued and engaged by this incredible knowledge and miraculous transformation.

You can make your experience with our academy more fulfilling by approaching your trainings and miraculous transformations with more thoughtfulness and understanding. Transforming lifetimes of gunk, clearing family challenges deeply embedded in your field even upgrading your DNA and regenerating your body take time. We are doing huge shifts, and when you look at the layers of what we are clearing disappearing and improving, and the fact we are going all the way back to your origins.