Raising Your vibrations, some tools

Raising Your vibrations, some tools

written by: Mrs. Jeanne Jessica A.
by: Mrs. Jeanne Jessica A.
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People sometimes wonder, why they can't manifest what they wish to create (health, wealth, love). The point is that one way or the other, we all first have to clean out "the old baggage", before we can attract new energies into our own world. To go to the next level and higher dimensions, we all have to transform those old blocked energies. We can't raise our vibrations, as long as we have old emotions in our energy fields. A big part of my work as a spiritual coach is to help people to find those pieces of old baggage and clean them out.

What is in that old baggage: Old repressed emotions, old unhealed wounds, fear or anger that people still carry around. And they all can sometimes hinder people to attract new things. Because those old energies hinder you to raise your vibrations to the next level. You now understand why it is necessary to first clean them all out. Because those old emotions lower your vibrations.

This is why in my blog, I so often share tools and themes that help you heal all that; because through these steps, you clean out „the old baggage". You can't take it with you into the higher dimensions. Even many would like it, nobody can skip these steps.

In this message, let's look at the theme of bitterness: When we are a certain age, we all have experienced situations where we sometimes feel a little bitter. Sure, we would never admit this feeling. Often, such an uncomfortable feeling has also a lesson for us. Where does it come from? What does it tell us? And how can we overcome it, heal it, transform it and let it go?

We can observe our own bitterness when we are in a situation where old emotions are triggered. When they come to surface again, we feel the old pains or old fear again, the signs of unhealed wounds. Those moments then are real chances for healing, if we can look at them this way. Then, it is important that we don't project those unfulfilled needs on people around us. Often, bitterness goes together with old anger and resentment. Especially, when one refuses to forgive another person. Bitterness has many different roots and is often well hidden. But we have to clean it out, if we wish to manifest and create a fulfilling life.

Bitterness can come from situations where our needs haven't been met, where we didn't feel respected by people around us. Or from situations where we gave our best, opened our hearts to others. But they didn't wish to share with us, what we wished to share with them. If a person has experienced this too often, one then feels disappointed, hurt and also bitter. Bitterness often goes together with anger, when our human self didn't get its will.

There are many reasons why a person ends up feeling bitter about life or about relationships. The more important question is: how does he/she transform and heal it?

First, we look at our own bitterness and simply accept it fully. We say "yes" to this feeling we do not wish to feel. We admit that over the years, the numbers of disappointments have hurt us and made us feel that bitterness. We now make peace with all our bitterness. Because we can't change an emotion, as long as we don't embrace it. Therefore, we admit to ourselves that we feel this way and we accept it. Then, we can transform it.

From here, there are different steps that we can take, depending on the reasons for our bitterness: before we go to forgiveness, we should simply honor ourselves and our own feelings. Because one of the things that has hurt us in the past is the fact that others didn't honor us and not acknowledge our feelings. Now today, this is our own task: we can honor and acknowledge our own feelings and take to us the full responsibility for them. With this, we detach ourselves from others.

Then, we can do the steps of forgiveness, if necessary. And if you wish to transform and heal all the blocked emotion in a situation with other people, here is another helpful tool: bless them all with Divine Light. Bless all people who were with you in that situation with Divine Light and Divine Peace. This will release all old emotions.

You often hear people say: You got hurt because you had certain expectations. Some people judge expectations as something negative. An expectation isn't negative. You were young and didn't know all you know today. You were simply learning. Acknowledge this, honor your expectations, don't judge yourself for having had certain expectations or needs. Take them back into your heart and embrace them. Imagine how you, as your Divine Self, give a big hug to your human self.

When we were young, we couldn't always understand why people weren't able to fulfill all of our needs. Same thing later in life: we not always saw the whole picture and couldn't understand why people rejected us. Today, our job is to let go all those expectations and take care of our own needs. We see that in the past, we have expected others to fulfill our needs, because we were young and didn't know any better. Today we take our power back to ourselves and stop projecting our needs on others.

That is how you become fully self-responsible, free and whole: you learn what real self-love is. Unconditional self-love helps you to raise your vibration, and to heal yourself.

In those steps of self-healing, you give yourself all the love, all the honor, all the acknowledgement, all the care and attention that you need. You no longer expect others to do this for you, because it simply isn't their job. Even if you are in a love-relationship with someone, this still remains your own task, always. You can choose to react differently and keep the full responsibility for your well being.

Therefore, feelings of bitterness and anger show you where you didn't take care of your own needs. They show you where you didn't put yourself first place; and where you have projected your expectations on others; and where you didn't honor yourself. They also show you where you forgot to set healthy boundaries. This is how sometimes, bitterness can be a real good teacher on the path of self-healing, unconditional self-love and awakening.

You now understand that bitterness is not a feeling to repress. It is one that can help you to be free, and serve you for your healing. It also shows you in which areas of your life you still have to make peace with certain themes. It is a guide to unhealed wounds you have to look at. Bitterness for some is a sign for failure, but in truth it is a good guide to healing.

The more you heal yourself, the more you clean out your old baggage. The higher then you can raise your vibration. From there, it gets easier for you to manifest and create what you wish to bring into your own world.

With Love and Light, Jeanne Jessica A.