Removing Violence & Abuse from Your Field and Body

Removing Violence & Abuse from Your Field and Body

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Removing violence Removing violence

What does it cost you to leave the memories of violence and abuse in your field and body?

Having experienced much violence in my early life, I speak from experience on this topic. I know that for me that the stuff left in my aura and field was what made my life absolutely impossible. When you're the recipient of violence, whether from childhood or from traumatic events in life there's a signature, messy though it may be, of each and every event. It clouds your brightness, and sends strange signals to those around you, signals that you're not safe, that violence can and does follow you. And unfortunately, that broadcast isn't so clear. Those receiving it may feel you're untrustworthy or perhaps that you're violent.

The cost at times may be so big: In my research about people who have experienced violence and abuse, I've discovered it was there on some level by choice to make a shift up about choosing difficulty and challenge has been eye opening. We found some amazing programs that in some cases we set up to experience abuse and violence, to catapult us into a higher spiritual path. If you're just coming out of an episodic experience of violence and abuse you may feel this is not true. Why in the world would I choose this? I can understand. I vehemently refused this notion, to those trying to help me in the past, saying I would not have chosen this!

  1. Your career never takes off, you never get the promotions you deserve, you never get the success or fame you need to make the kind of impact you're going for in your life and work.
  2. You never have close friends. Forget about the idealistic 'Friends' and 'Sex in the City' kinds of friendships, you're lucky to have a few acquaintances, who you see infrequently.
  3. Soulmate kind of love, partnership that's purely and supportively high and wonderful, this is not on your menu, you don't get this choice.
  4. Your health problems often appear more like a wildfire, than a little intrusion. Because you've had trauma, the body trips out on health issues in more extreme ways, than most other bodies do.

The sad part is most of us don't get to learn why we did it, and end up feeling hurt, blame, resentment and disappointment (all 4 are big emotional anchors) and never get to the full experience of joy and bliss in our bodies. Thanks to all the research and experimenting I've done to understand and clear this: 10 full years of research! I've found ways now to clear in joy, keep the energy high, and help hundreds of people just like you move forward. Trinity

This release today is SO Freeing! This is the most wonderful information about how the violence from our experience can draw that. I was the black sheep, bullied in jr. high, domestic violence in my 20's. Clearing! This release today is SO FREEING. Thank you! I just tested clear! YAY! Thank you so much. I test that I went from 91% clear to 100% today in repeating this class. Tears. Thank you for your work and brilliance, but even more, thank you for your love!"

Could life get better?

What we do in our training is not emotional therapy. That would take 20 years, or more to effectively shift what we do in just a few short hours. We're going to help you map and clear all the stuff that holds violence and abuse to you in any way, especially in your law of attraction field: we call this your field of amplification. We use a hand technique called the quantum pump to remove these issues, hundreds of programs and interferences are cleared in a seemingly effortless and easy progression of clearings.

Here are several examples from our programs clearing chart that anchor problems from violence into one or even many lifetimes:

Life cycle covenant Brand

A promise over a period of time to gain wisdom through some difficulty or challenge that you agreed to willingly knowing you had the resources to use this for your good and growth, and that you were free to end it, usually after an incarnation, whether it was fulfilled/completed to the level of growth you had intended or not. It's not anchored to soul but is part of your spirit path and part of your spiritual timeline. You either during an incarnation or just prior to incarnating ... you have agreed to this with yourself Similar to an energetic timeline


When a person is in shock they're knocked out of their body and at that point the connection to the body could be severed. From an extreme health issue, an extreme emotion that the mind and/or spirit cannot tolerate and live with. Their spirit is not connecting well with the body, the meridians stop functioning, no access to or having the golden rings working, no access to the higher fields of transformation in the quantum realm. Since spirit is not in body, life force is off also. It is a severing the field of embodiment and is not at the time of shock working. A startling circumstance we create this and it's generated by human animal not essence

Suffering Not for Me

Having its roots in martyrdom feels somewhat religious and self-sacrificing. I can't have what I need and I know I cannot. In this way a person is delusional, meaning they cannot see that they can now clear and have what they need and suffering is not necessary. A person willingly accepts this problem thinking it's going to help them be purified.

I'd like to help you live in joy and freedom!

Living with the remnants of violence and abuse in your field means you never get to be fully expressed your happy fulfilling life. It's likely you experience the abuse as a young person with little understanding, just raw feelings, these feelings anchored in a kind of energy signal that informs people around you of the abuse. It's a confusing signal, unresolved/uncleared violence and abuse give a signal that you're not safe or that you're not trustworthy to others.

Having escaped a violent marriage, then gone through a brutal assault and terrible pedestrian accident, I seemed to have been magnetic to violence. I had dreams of helping the world but I couldn't seem to help myself. 6 years ago I got serious about removing the violence from my body and field, and my world changed. It's like the disrupted field had people confused, could they trust me, did they want to work with me, could they respect me and the work I was bringing in? By clearing away that which was not me, my energy field and my presence I immediately softened. I was so surprised to have people seeking me out and wanting my guidance.

Shortly after I cleared my field of violence I got a call from Marci Shimoff asking me to dinner. OMG! Marci, wow one of The Secret stars had heard about me and wanted to become friends! I mention this because it was not the way life had formerly played out. It was just a constant struggle and I had to brace up for the next challenge. —Marci Shimoff, As seen in The Secret and Author of four New York Best selling books —Jack Canfield

She said this about me weeks after our first meeting at Lotus Garden restaurant:

It's rare to meet someone so gifted and clear about who they are what they are here to do on the planet. Julie Renee is bringing a unique body of work to the world that is an important contribution to humanity.

And very quickly after that I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Canfield and we instantly became fast friends.

It's rare to find a teacher whose work is truly original and offers the potential to transform the world on this scale. I fell in love with Julie Renee and her work. Tune into her, and you will, too.

I share these details of some very well-known and beloved people all of a sudden seeking my friendship because I want you to get the same kinds of results. I want you to have folks know who you really are, they can feel your wonderful you, not the field of gunk that may be in your way at this moment.

Since my own work on myself, I have gained so much love wisdom, I feel like a completely renewed being. I've seen the damage emotional anchors can cause and the freedom that can be had when they're cleared once and for all. Most importantly, you'll want to consciously stop identifying who you are related to the violence and with what happened to you years ago. Stop referencing it and giving it a place of honor in your space. Now you'll be able to move on get closure and stand with presence and stature, in the grace you were meant to enjoy. In these four precious hours you'll clear the specific of quantum clean up!

Disappearing the remnants of abuse and violence. This is your opportunity to get free from the prison of emotional pain and grief.