Returning Home

Returning Home

written by: Jesse An Nichols George
by: Jesse An Nichols George
Returning home Returning home

What is home for you? Where is home? What does it mean to go home?

So many these days have mentioned to me that they just want to go home. They just want to click their heels while wearing the ruby red slippers and wake up somewhere else; somewhere that is full of heart and soul. Somewhere full of love, and where they feel nurtured and cared for.

I also see that for many they are well on this path. Many of the shifts, changes and transitions that we are undergoing right now are all about connecting with home; or taking steps to get closer to what feels like home for people. There are many that seem ambivalent to being in this world or not; and many lost in the transitions uncertain about where to go or what to do.

So just what is this place that we call home? Is it an actual place or is it something different? How do we get there?

We have all heard the phrase "feels like home". Home is one of the things that stays in our mind to help us not forget the divine spark within us. To help us remember that there is more than what we are experiencing in this world. To give us inspiration, guidance, and direction when the material world overwhelms us.

I think that one thing to keep in mind in this process is that home is really something within; and as we connect with this aspect within us, we can also create outer experiences that support holding us in that vibration. To understand this more, we can look at the codes that exist within "home". Our feelings of lonliness, depression, or emptiness often come when we are sensing a disconnect with our home.

The codes show us that home is something that is a vibrational energy within this world. It is here; but it is not of the material world. This is why people often feel at home when they connect with someone, or some place; because it is carrying the vibration of Spirit or Divine Presence within it's Earthly shell.

Codes show us that our desire for home often comes when we hit rough patches or challenging times. This is because home is the vibration that keeps us feeling safe and secure when we don't like the experience that we are happening. In my Genesis Statement, safety is the first key to clearing or creating anything in our lives. If safety does not exist our energy cannot release or receive what it needs in order to create a stable foundation to move forward.

Once we have found our zone of safety we are able to then set in motion the ability to receive our divine inheritance, to connect with our own abundance energy. It is this sense of safety that leads to us having a more comfortable or pleasant outer experience. However, more so, it is about feeling the aspect of fulfillment within.

As we tune into this space of abundance within and fulfillment, we unlock the lines of communication with our intuitive and soul self; and of course the whole of Divine essence. We are able to tap into things like Akashic Records, Angel communications, DAATH, the all knowing oneness. In addition we embrace nurturing, caring, and unconditional loving energy and relationships. It is our space of gentle strength, guided from within which brings joy and peacefulness.

With this energy in motion it becomes time to take all of that wonderful inner essence of the Divine and share it out into the world; and to do this we are asked to trust. Trust in that wholeness, trust yourself, be confident in what you are sharing; unconcerned with whether others choose to accept it or not. For some this may require a "leap of faith" as the inner flow is released into the outer world.

Perhaps this sheds light on why we hold "home" so valuable, why we cherish it so much. It is our safety, our abundance and fulfillment, our unconditional loving self, and our trust in what is true. It is spirit in motion through unconditional love and fulfillment in ways that are safe and genuine.

All of these things are about our authentic and real self. It is so easy to be pulled off of that in a material world; and why it is so important to take the time to go within. It is those quiet moments, being still, and going within that allows us to connect with our home; our true and authentic self that wants for nothing, and knows that all is well. It is our opportunity to connect with the light in a way that allows us to keep allowing the light to shine in a world. It allows the presence of Heaven to be with us on Earth.

And as we were told by Glenda the good witch of the North "you've had the power to go home all along".

written by: Jesse An Nichols George

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