Rules Of Engagement

Rules Of Engagement

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Engagement Engagement

Feeling the excitement and joy building as we've begun to focus on the happiness and relationship pieces that make life wonderful this week in our trainings.

In our Pure Potentials: Sexuality and Enlightenment training we moved through some very powerful clearings and information on the building of intimate relationships. I shared the 8 most vitals rules of engagement for relating with the deepest spiritual integrity possible. 5 are below, if you would like the additional 'sex' related rules, please take the class (it's available as a home study)!

Rules Of Engagement - Women tend to put control energy in a man's male parts, and can be known to cord, put energy and controls as well as part of their perception in their space. This does not work. - Men can also put a domination, suppression, overtaking or overshadowing energy in a woman's space leaving her feeling unheard, unseen or not cherished. These topics are good to use as a point of conversation and discovery when looking to grow closer to your partner, and a guide for clearing to enjoy these areas of relationship in quantum mastery.

  1. Your body is your own. Your partner's body is their own. All physical contact must have permission.
  2. Domination, suppression and control from the old era are no longer the way love works.
  3. Men need to feel respected. They want to help and need to feel that they can indeed make a woman's life better. They ultimately need to feel that they are the hero in their couple's story.
  4. Women need to feel cherished and heard. They need to be asked if they want a solution to a challenge they're sharing or just to be heard and validated.
  5. Understanding Domain: a woman needs to have domain over her home, while a man may have it is his office, work and car. A woman, in general, will not feel loved and safe if a man insists on maintaining domain, for example, decorating the home which leads to problems in bed.