Shock, Dismay and Anger

Shock, Dismay and Anger

written by: Mrs. Eileen Bild
by: Mrs. Eileen Bild
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I remember 9/11 clearly and how the event shattered the world. It was a beautiful day in Raleigh, NC; life was going along as normal. I was with two of my children, my son in horse back riding lessons. The normalcy of my day was broken by hearing on the radio the chaos that was unfolding. When I got home, I was glued to the TV watching in horror as the news showed the unbelievable devastation that was happening. No one in my immediate family was directly affected in the attacks; however, a close family friend worked in one of the twin towers. She happened to take the day off; however, she lost everyone in her office. It was a very difficult time for her and I am not sure she has ever completely recovered.

For me, as an observer, it was unfathomable what a human could do to another. The calculated planning and executing of the attack was sickening. For what?

To this day it seems the loss of life and the long term consequences does not, in any way, justify what the terrorists perpetrated. No matter someone's belief system, it is not okay to take another life for the sake of retribution, religion or ideology. It made me think and continue to be saddened by the ignorance and contempt for life.

Anytime there is an act of terror, I have to wonder, why? Does it really serve a purpose, other than to satisfy the ego, the drive to kill?

I pause to reflect and wonder if there's something we are missing. Why do terrorists attack those who are innocent that many of us see as having nothing to do with the policies that terrorists are opposed to? It seems they are trained to kill their empathy and submit into a condition of conformity, a form of brainwashing.

A terrorist's way of thinking is completely different from that of a normal person. They see the world in black and white. They believe in their interpretation of a certain religion, policy, or idea to an extent that is outright pathological. So, I ponder, can we ever truly stop terrorism? Possibly, but it would take a total transformation of the thinking patterns in a whole group of people. It must start with teaching their children not to hate and eradicate archaic systems.

The memory of 9/11 is forever etched in my mind and I am reminded from time to time of the insanity of it all. The lost lives, the broken hearts, the children left with no mother or father, the victims of devastation, all caught up in a moment of time that stood still.

May humanity find the will some day to stop terrorism, find the compassion within each individual to appreciate life, to value others and to love oneself. Perhaps, some day we will find the shining light on our path to where there is unity and universal love. My thoughts go out to the individuals and families directly affected by 9/11 and may they be at peace with the world as we know it today and those who find the need to take a life will some day transform into a better human being.

written by: Mrs. Eileen Bild

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