Someone Asked - How Do I Surrender?

Someone Asked - How Do I Surrender?

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
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A lady in Georgia asked me yesterday "How do I surrender" and that's a very good question. If a person is to have peace of mind they need to surrender... but how do we surrender?

What is Surrender - Most people think of putting up a white flag and giving up and having the other side take over... when they think of surrender. But spiritual surrender is letting go and knowing in a deep way that everything will be OK if we only have faith.

What is Faith - And that leads us to the second question, "What is Faith". Faith is a deep belief in something that helps us get through the hard times. After going to see John of God in Brazil my faith has grown amazingly. Because I know that the other side of the veil exists and that God, the Entities of Light, and all the great healers and saints do exist and are real.

Experience is the Key - A person can read all kinds of books and not have any faith at all. It's just like reading about water, but until one drinks water one is not quenched of thirst. So it's important that we go out and seek spiritual experiences in order to create faith. Reading or having someone tell us about spiritual experiences is all well and good... but our own spiritual experiences are the most important aspect of building faith.

What Do I Try to Experience? - Go to as many of the spiritual pilgrimage sites around the world as possible. Meet in person those people who are known to help others for free... people who have good energy and are loving. Meet as many true holy people as possible in this lifetime. Experience everything in your life with awe and allow yourself to be inspired. These spiritual experiences will uplift your faith.

How Long Will This Take - This is nothing that happens over night... but some people have amazing spiritual experiences all of a sudden that give them powerful faith and surrender. But for most people, it takes years of devotion, love, and keeping to the path of seeking... that which is most important. And we are going through all of this now in order to grow our faith. So don't give up, keep moving forward, see the good in all things and surrender with great faith to Great Spirit, the Universe, and God.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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