Sorrow and Growing Consciousness

Sorrow and Growing Consciousness

written by: Dr. Paul Haider
by: Dr. Paul Haider
Climbing Climbing

On the average, man does not come to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit on his own accord — it's only when man has enough sorrow in his life that he clings to God.

Every single person has times of sadness, and that sadness moves them closer to God. Or the opposite happens and they scorn God and live their life full of anger. But sooner or later they too will come to the light— it's inevitable.

Think of all the ups and downs that you've had in your life. When times were good you did not go to God, it was only when times were hard that you got down on your knees and remembered Great Spirit. And that's one of the great challenges for mankind, mankind does not think about Great Spirit on a regular basis.

But whenever we have our periods of sorrow God is always there to help, even though we don't come to Him when times are good. But the ultimate goal is to have our mind on God at all times thus our consciousness grows and we see the oneness of everything in the all inclusive energy of Great Spirit. It's only when we develop a hunger for God that we are able to enjoy his blissful banquet of love.

When we travel we use a map but sooner or later may get lost (Miss the path towards God). But man is special— man is able to retrace his steps and see where he made a wrong turn and thus correct the direction and keep moving. It's only through introspection and contemplation that man makes his way home to the abode of bliss and Great Spirit.

And while man is lost he's normally consumed with sorrow and unrest for he knows for sure that this is not the right path— which creates anxiety. And anxiety is connected to a lack of mental courage to traverse the path that one needs to climb and make it to the top and feel great.

But as I said before, we all get there sooner or later, it's all a matter of spiritual growth— and growth of consciousness.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr Paul Haider

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