Soul Work/Embodiment May Cure Autism

Soul Work/Embodiment May Cure Autism

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
Autism Autism

In our Realms training this week training we worked on the field of embodiment and will continue next week as we moved about 240 blockages in the Divine Human Blueprint to being well embodied and improving embodiment to about 40%. There were over 700 things blocking in the Divine Human Blueprint so I'll be going back again next week and will continue to do clearings. It's pretty exciting because I can see from the students I talk to after class that they're all feeling stronger, feeling better in their body, feeling more related to their body.

The implications of being more connected with your body could literally cure autism, and I'm not speaking metaphorically. If a child spirit is profoundly and deeply related to the brain and body, they could live a normal healthy life. This is very exciting. In my experience, over the years I've worked with nine children who've had some version of autism — one who had a mental retardation. I know they have different names for that but she progressed only to about the age of four in her cognitive development and she was 21 when I began my work with her.

I've seen various levels of improvement, and based on what I've been able to do in the past with helping the children connect in more with different parts of their body and brain I know we're onto something very good with our recent understandings and opening in the blueprint.

One of the nine children was able to be mainstreamed and to her family's delight an occasional restaurant or outing, she was unable to do previously, have been happy experiences. Her life moved into a normal life. In other children we've seen improvements with cognitive function and interaction and understanding their world better.

As I reflect on the implications of our work the past two weeks, I think that this realms work especially in embodiment is a huge breakthrough. I just didn't realize that it was so low — 22% for our community and 14% for the general population. What that means is a very limited ability for the realm and body to support spirit in body, and for spirit to connect with all working parts of the body. If you're newer to our community you may not realize the field of embodiment is our Soul and the holder of spirit it provides the field of integration for spirit and body to unite fully.

One of the things that became apparent while I was in the Divine Human Blueprint is how we're very unrelated to our systems, organs, cells, glands, muscles, bones, the fluid, blood and brain.

As our training progresses I'm aware our individual spirits need to continue to be encouraged to settle in more fully and relate to the physical body on more profound and deeper levels.

Good news all around for the Quantum Academy for the progression of spiritual beings able to receive spiritual gifts flowing in. We're revitalizing the advancement towards rejuvenation and regeneration, literally growing younger as we continue to have these cutting-edge mind blowing life-changing humanity shifting clearings and trainings! This is all very exciting and I'm so happy to be part of the breakthroughs happening for all of us.