The Number of Minds in the Universe is One

The Number of Minds in the Universe is One

written by: Mr. Robert Tonelli
by: Mr. Robert Tonelli
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A Thought for Today to Contemplate...

The Total Number of minds in the Universe is One. In Fact, Consciousness is a Singularity phasing within All Beings... Erwin Schrödinger, Quantum Physicist.

Although this may sound very technical from a Physicist's point of view about the essence of life and not very interesting, but you could not be more wrong with your conclusion. This is a brilliant answer to life's troubles from a Brilliant Genius... Schrodinger understands what consciousness really is and what Quantum Physics really means... the math does not Lie... People do... {in defending their ignorance}. What does this really mean and is it an answer to what has been plaguing Societies for 1000's of years... Simply – Yes... once you understand Consciousness and Energy and how they create the nature of all reality from a Scientist point of view.

The truth is Global Society "does not really want to know" what consciousness is because they are only interested in One aspect of life, "Money" and just run an interactive personality program 24/7 never really allowing the masses in their 9 to 5 wage slavery to stop to think what they are saying... out of ignorance, habit... and prejudiced behavior because it is good for Business. Survival and making money are the two main focusses of life for 80 of the world's population while 1% make all the real money and control what and how people think.So let's look at this sanely and answer the basic questions of what is Consciousness and what is a Singularity. "A Singularity is the theoretical limitlessness of exponential expansion, based on the evolution of biological life in the universe seen as an evolution of consciousness because all life is made up of energy... and "All matter originates and exists by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. Max Planck father of Quantum Physics.

From a Quantum Physical point of view he is not talking about an External God... Quantum Physics is saying that this conscious intelligent Mind is connected to all life through consciousness... This mind is within you when you are conscious of your actions... connected to your heart and soul... called the quantum-time/space matrix by many and the Spirit-within by others.

From this perspective, the Global problem of human life is really simple to see {...Money} once you have eyes to see and ears to hear the truth... "Using an Invisible hand... Control Money, Control People and Control the World". All because people do not understand Consciousness , Energy or money and how Reality is created through Ignorance of the facts of life. The simple way to Control the most powerful Society in the world is to elect an "Idiot Reality TV Star like Donald Trump"... to daily – "press the ignorance buttons" of the masses... to get out in the open in society... all the racist and bigoted remarks of the people... that the Global "Fox News agencies profit from" and glorify with 2 billion dollars of free advertising for Donald Trump to profit from and increase his ratings with the ignorant masses.

Living in the moment, Consciousness is really simple to understand..."I think. Therefore, I am"... 17th century philosopher René Descartes... philosophical statement became a foundational element of conscious thought of Western philosophy. Self-conscious thought is the essence of human evolution as a species... conscious awareness of our actions or reactions {in the moment it happens} and the consequences of those reactions... propel us into higher or lower levels of a stream of consciousness depending on our level of awareness {in the moment} and wisdom gained from our experiences. Taking responsibility for our choices in life is the New Age western philosophy of our time... and deciphering the truth from the mythology and illusions of modern western society is what Science of Spirit is about.

Instead of Consciousness evolving exponentially in America... ignorance is Amplified and glorified... the Media Is the Message {$$$$$} and ignorance is Bliss {dumbing down America}. This shows that consciousness is collapsing on itself in America with horrible things happening to the poor middle class, the elderly, natives immigrants and people of all ethnics backgrounds if people do not wake-up soon. All that is needed is to expose this Invisible Hand controlling the world through

"Money as Debt"

and to see the money trail and it becomes visible and painfully clear how "Ignorance Kills Life".

The word "conscious" is derived from Latin, meaning having joint or common knowledge with another, in the literal sense, "conscientiae" means knowledge-with, that is, shared knowledge. Writer, Robert Hand defines this further by saying, "When we know something together with someone, we experience each other as fully alive and aware. When we do not, we do not entirely accept each other as conscious, or ultimately, as human, and we create war in our ignorance of "conscientiae". We accomplish shared awareness by language and symbols. Shared languages and the true understanding of the meaning of their symbolism enable us fully to experience someone as aware. Piously interpreting someone's language and symbols according to our theological doctrines are Declarations of War" and a lack of understanding of what consciousness really is. Understanding the consciousness of another human being is the foundation of all communications on this planet... and paramount in our "Evolution of Consciousness" as a sentient species.

All Conscious Human Beings are connected to this One mind in Nature... and life evolves exponentially to a

Singularity in consciousness

outside of time. This mind is a Spiritual Force behind all energy and all life... Nobel Prize-winning Father of Quantum Theory, Max Planck, as he states, "All matter originates and exists by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter." His Theory redefines our materialist paradigm into one with its foundation in Universal Consciousness.

Understanding higher levels of consciousness of people like Apollonius of Tyana, Lau Tzu and Socrates, Plato, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammad, Christ and Gandhi... is to understand the evolution of our consciousness as an enlightened constantly evolving being. However, I feel we have lost our way in society and are no longer able to live or communicate our truth as conscious beings or guide our brothers and sisters on the path of life like the spiritual masters of the past. This level of consciousness is the truly the essence of what it means to be an evolving "human being". Let go of your preprogramed ignorance's in Society and Live in the moment... the eternal Now Moment. Learn to use

an Analogical state of Mind

connected to the Spirit-within all life.

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