The Power of Your Soul - remember

The Power of Your Soul - remember

written by: Mrs. Jeanne Jessica A.
by: Mrs. Jeanne Jessica A.
Soul soul soul Soul soul soul

Since I was young, I had a certain sensitivity .... I've studied many spiritual teachings in order to get a better understanding of human nature, the Divine Realms, the Soul and its origins.

Spiritual teachers explain that one of the main reasons for the emotional suffering within mankind is in the idea of what some call "separation": that many have lost their contact with their own Divine Soul. While I visited vipassana seminars, learned more about energy healing techniques and meditation, I discovered that in this sacred reconnection with the Soul is where a deep healing can be experienced step by step.

Real healing from emotional suffering is possible for most people, as soon as one finds a way to connect again with his own Divine Self, the Soul. The practice of meditation is a safe path for this. One then discovers that the essence of his Soul is Love, Light and Consciousness from Divine Source. And the more one connects with this, the more healing is being received step by step.

The more we are in alignment with our own Soul, the more we can experience and feel this Love - this is the fulfilling love that many are looking for. It comes from this inner oneness with the Soul, that we experience especially during times of meditation.

In the oneness with the Soul is where real inner peace comes from. This is where the unhealed wounds gently find healing, where one can rest and relax, and where people discover their full potentials.

If people are not aware of their own inner conflicts and unfulfilled needs, they unconsciously project them on others; this is where relationship issues, discords and drama begin.

When one is able to bring the human self into harmony with the Divine Self (the Soul), then inner harmony will reign and freedom begins. From there it is then also experienced on the outside, in relationships with others.

While beginning with meditation, some people experience what feels like a weird resistance. This is kind of normal. Old repressed emotions have to be released first. Most of us had to do an inner cleaning first. This is necessary, before being able to integrate more of the light from the Divine Self.

This is part of the spiritual path, the path of awakening. This is when we make the shift from "a human being who thinks he has a soul" into the consciousness that we are that Soul who is living as a human being. This is the path that is explained in the spiritual teachings.

Each one needs to get in touch again with his own heart, the Soul, the Divine Self. This is where real peace and healing comes from. As the awareness of the Soul grows stronger, inner peace and love are being established step by step. This takes time, compassion and patience. As this is being done consciously, the person experiences more and more healing and discovers a new consciousness, a new state of being.

That constant feeling that something is missing, that weird restlessness, that chronic longing for something more—it all ends as soon as one finds the connection with the inner being, the eternal Soul again. This is why some explain that the answer has to be found within the heart: this is where your Soul is, this is where YOU are at home.

A new state of being and a new quality of life is then being established. One then develops more self-awareness and self-responsibility. And with this, the relationships with others also become more kind, more peaceful and loving.

As long as these steps are not being done, one continues living in separation and feels over and over again that "something is missing". Real fulfillment and love can only be found within the sacred relationship with the Divine Self, the Soul. This is our way home and our way to peace, healing, fulfillment and freedom.

The more we connect with our own Soul, the more we feel whole again, the more we become who we really are - because we are so much more than the human being. This is what is explained in so many of the great spiritual teachings, and this is why they all teach meditation as one of the most important keys. Your inner Being, your Soul, loves you unconditionally. During your meditation you can experience, receive and feel all this love.

During our time of meditation we connect more and more with our Divine Self and from there with our Divine Source: we then receive healing, love, light and a new consciousness. We are changing in a way that is simply beautiful and pure, beyond what words can describe. We discover a new way of living, of feeling, of sharing and connecting with others. We are then truly being healed on all levels of our being. This path takes time and demands our active collaboration and participation, every day.

When we turn inward and ask our own Divine Self to help us heal - a real beautiful transformation is taking place. We can develop the habit to always turn inwards first and ask our own Divine Soul for help, in any situation. This is where all the Love, all the support we ever need comes from. Our Soul then brings to us from the outside world whatever it is we need - if we can lay aside our judgements, step aside and allow it to work through us.

It is a very sacred path.... It is the freedom from suffering, loneliness, depression, drama, codependency and many other struggles. The more one moves forward on this path, the more one becomes independent and self-empowered. One is then living from the heart, filled with compassion and love. The more a person is again in touch with his own Divine Self, Soul, the more he/she then can let flow the love and light to others.

Because one who is aware of the Divine Self within himself, is also aware of the Divine Selves within others (no matter the outer appearances). This makes then a new level of contacts possible.

Within this new consciousness and awareness, mutual respect, kindness, compassion and cooperation with everybody is just natural. And with this inner peace, one will create more peace with other people, and from there with other nations all around the world.

The more people awaken to their own Divine Self, .....

..... the more peace is possible for all of us on this planet.

Divine Blessings to You, Jessica Jeanne