The Problem with Healers Not Healing themself

The Problem with Healers Not Healing themself

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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I just completed a 1-hour Trailblazer consult with one of our best and brightest students. He had a question about doing activations on more than one person who has the same issue, (doing this clearing at the same time. He was hoping to speed up his clearing time.)

So you may be wondering what I advised... He was collapsing the idea that speed would be enhanced with doing multiples, but what was actually slowing down his activation time?

Most healers have tag-alongs. You've been healing and now activating health in others for years and whether you know it or not people who you've done good work in the past, tag along often for a lifetime of clearings.

If you don't consciously clean them out you could be walking around with many hanger-on-ers slowing your progress. In this case, 17 additional people were getting in on every healing, even on the ones done only for himself.

You may ask: how do I know about this? Ask. Use a clearing statement that includes "only for me", then before pumping on the statement and chart you've created, test how many will get this activation. Even though you've clarified "only for me" you may find many folks are disregarding your wishes and piggy-backing on your work, actually stealing your clearing, making it take so much longer than if you were just doing it for yourself.

And to answer the first question, you have to be careful not to match or collapse the two or three people you think have the same problem. You may inadvertently add additional problems to the combo that were not theirs to begin with but one of the others. I don't recommend it, unless you are absolutely clear there would be no issue with this, otherwise you are just adding fuel (problems) to your clients or family members that they didn't start out with. One by one is a good approach.