The role of the golden shadow vs. the dark shadow

The role of the golden shadow vs. the dark shadow

written by: Melanie McGhee
by: Melanie McGhee
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This is one of the most iconic evocative photos I've ever seen. It provokes the shadow like nothing else in my recent history. Depending on your point of view, there's the golden shadow or the dark shadow.

The golden shadow is a way of referring to those beautiful golden aspects of ourselves that we deny and tend to admire in others. They may be parts of us that lie dormant or we simply have never cultivated that aspect of being human.

The dark shadow are those aspects of being that we also tend to deny. However, when we see them in others, we get annoyed, impatient, judgmental.

What does this image evoke in you?

Whether it's the golden shadow or the dark shadow, what you discover is a goldmine. You can use Basic PEAT (or Sneaky PEAT as our own Jo Willey dubbed it) or Deep PEAT 4 for an even deeper integration.

Rapinoe stands in the fullness of her being in that moment. She's playing a higher game.



What MUST she believe about herself to have gotten to that moment?

Uncovering these beliefs can begin to reveal shadow elements for integration. A few weeks ago, I posted a video on using EoW to activate beliefs and behaviors associated with the creation of a conscious identity for goal achievement. It's a sideways video so it should be easy to find