the third eye

the third eye

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
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The third eye chakra, sees the vibrations of Universe!

The intelligence to re-create, immortality and mortality combined. Light transformed into matter. NOW, undiluted by the past or the future.

The importance of being the Gift , NOW is important, the Future comes from HERE! Taking charge, moves into the depths of the situation, finding the core brilliance.

Finding alone, is a state of oneness, not where everything is gone, but where everything is!

Charge in to bring delight, bringing your self, celebrating the oneness, vibrating shaking up the past, re-tuned, re-turned, NOW. Silently walking on time, and feeling the space, moving into the source, we dissolve into an atomic dance. Transitions through space and time, develop our psyche, the price of being in charge - meeting god, taking charge.

written by: Al Duval

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