Want to Live Youthfully to 150 or More? Find out How

Want to Live Youthfully to 150 or More? Find out How

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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As I'm writing up the brain study I came to a place of greater awareness about the low use of our brains. I felt you might want to understand these ideas also as we seek to grow younger, more aware and enlightened as we moved towards full self expression.

Over all when I was doing the 5000 brain readings, I was seeing a low average of 12% to 21% function on this first brain. None of the brain readings were over 27% which gave me a good indication of us really not living up to our full brain potential as a race of beings. We have so much potential. I have to make a guess and believe 1. That technology addictions, Television and the like pull us away from developing our brains to a greater extent and 2. I believe our brains were meant to live with our bodies in much longer lifetimes than we are currently experiencing.

We should be living in the hundreds of years not thinking being old is living to 90 or 100. I do not believe we should retire, and I feel strongly that we should imagine a larger sacred purpose for our very long life. If we lived to 150, what could we accomplish? Learn? Contribute? If we lived 700 years what would we have done changed brought in? How would we have advanced science, art, music, philosophy, medicine?

Your brain is a magical place to live in, when you along the dreaming of a wonderful long life of great contribution to play out. What the mind can imagine and hold as true it will accomplish.