Ways to Increase Your Swimwear Confidence

Ways to Increase Your Swimwear Confidence

written by: Ms. April Stump
by: Ms. April Stump
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Not many women relish the idea of slipping into a bathing suit. Sure, the beach is beautiful, but us gals often feel less than gorgeous when we're swimsuit clad seaside. No more! Every woman of every shape and size deserves to love their body in a bathing suit. Having the confidence to do this has nothing to do with reshaping your body and everything to do with changing your perspective.

Read on. Here are tips to help you feel more confident in swimwear.

1. Experiment

One of the reasons you may be having trouble finding a swimsuit that makes you feel and look incredible is that you have a narrow idea of what swimsuit you should be wearing. You're 20-something, so you think you have to wear a bikini. Or, you're a mother so you think you have to wear a tankini. Or, you're over 50 and think you're automatically related to one-pieces with skirts. Shake off these preconceptions. They have nothing to do with who you are, at your core.

Clear your mind and shop for swimsuits that you love; that bring you joy when you look at them. Don't worry about whether you think you should wear them and focus on whether or not you want to wear them.

2. Shop Online

There's a lot to love about shopping for swimsuits online. It's convenient, private, and you can order a bunch of suits and try them on in the sanctity of your home. Refer back to the first tip and order a range of amazing swimsuits you love. Return the ones you don't like. Before you buy: check out the return policy for swimwear and make sure you can return items you don't like or don't fit. Also, always wear undergarments when trying on a suit. You can't be assured other people have been slaves to hygiene and that protective strip can be bastion for germs. Yuck. If you do decide to keep the suit, wash it according to the suit's care instructions before you buy.

3. Know Your Size

A lot of bathing suit discomfort stems from the fact that we're buying suits that don't fit properly. We're buying bottoms that are too small, tops that are too big and onsies that make us look like we've been packaged at a sausage plant. Bust out the measuring tape and take your measurements.

Measuring tips: Don't suck it in and stand up straight. Measure your waist at its smallest point (about 2 inches above your belly button), measure your hips on their widest part, and measure your bust across the fullest point.

Don't buy the size you think you are or wish you were: buy for the body you have and your suit will look ten times better.