What does 5G and frequencies have to do with cell death and

What does 5G and frequencies have to do with cell death and

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
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As I've been making the rounds with the media some of the hosts and producers of shows have been engaging in conversations before and after our scheduled interview and topic. One of the producers on Friday asked me what I knew about 5G? Did I have clarity on the harmful effects of 5G: on birds, wildlife and humans. As she was for sharing her information she said that she noticed the 5G had to cause significant bird hair loss. Redbirds were losing their regal crown and the birds skin was showing through.

This got me asking into the field for more information. I know in the last year a number of students have told me they are suffering from unexplained rapid hair loss. I have begun to research the problem. I'm specifically looking for potential problems from what being broadcast out. 5G and soon to arrive on the scene 6G frequencies are causing men and women to lose their hair in addition three transmissions are causing women to grow additional hair on their face.

The 5G problem looks very insidious. It's responsible for cell death, cell mutation and there is potential for infertility at a much higher rate.

The producer asking she had an idea that the newest generation in 20-30 years were struggle with infertility. She thought we may see humans come to extinction. Although I didn't see quite the epidemic and devastating effects it will affect fertility 40% that's a significant amount there's some interesting things going on we have to ask why this is happening now?

In my childhood the atomic radiation and bomb testing was rampant. In this era now we have all this experimentation with waves transmissions and frequencies from governmental powers

5G is not the end to this. There is a 6G being developed now and it is even more depleting and with additional new harmful effects. We're being sold line a baloney that it's helpful and it's going to help us communicate better .

As a community, we can work towards defusing the bomb so to speak. And finding ways to either shut down what is already operating and working on ways to disappearing the harmful effects on humans through our quantum activations clearings.

If we have any say in the matter, to really intend that we as a human race stop experimenting with these kinds of frequencies they are harmful.