What Stops You? Will, Momentum, Drive, Discipline or Planning?

What Stops You? Will, Momentum, Drive, Discipline or Planning?

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering
What-stops-you What-stops-you

The path of success in any area is a path of commitment, a no-matter-what attitude and follow through. How much you persevere, and how long you hold out hope from your miracle or transformation may have much to do with your character, and freedom from influencing energes you've yet to fully remove.

We address all of the listed factors in our trainings. Will, Momentum, Drive, Discipline and Planning each playing such a vital role, and if any of them are weak, your ability to create a full on miracle is lessened.

This week I had this feeling of looking more directly at energies not of my own in my space, and found 13 people had energy clogging up my progression, in my body and field of amplification. These are people who are alive who have sent a specific kind of control energy towards me. The energy is not hard to clear, one only need be aware that it is there.

We address shared energy in our Karma Clearing Training. More definition, helps me get to the bottom of the motivations of shared or control energy when not a love or familial relationship issue.

Here are the topics I've added to our chart:

Category: Control Projection Energy Transference

  • Hate ~ chopping
  • Attachment ~ chopping
  • Jealousy ~ doorknob
  • Desire ~ doorknob
  • High-minded ~ doorknob
  • Judgment ~ chopping
  • Battle of wills ~ chopping

This all clears quite rapidly, especially when you've done the entitlements clearings, which are largely developed in a past life, cleared walk ins, which are from those not in body occupying your body to some extent spiritual interferences and sleep invaders.

When I looked, I found there were specific people from my past who did not wish me to survive death, live on and bring something amazing into the world. It's an interesting thing to clear...once you've cleaned the decks a few times, perhaps 4 or 5 times of this. The new information is that this cannot return, you've created a new set point and regardless of their focused attention on you it no longer affects you.

I was checking for this as I saw I did not believe in my miracle in some areas, and I knew that wasn't true, it wasn't me, and started to examine where could this be coming from sourcing from inside me and in my field and found these Control Projection Energy Transferences.

Funny thing, they cleared out in short order all 13 were gone in about 30 minutes and I felt both relieved, capable and more disciplined and capable. As a matter of fact, I did a liver flush, something I've been wanting to do, but just couldn't squeeze it in. A date canceled Saturday night in perfect time, we attended 11:30 church on Sunday, really didn't miss a beat, and I feel wonderful.

What's holding you back? If it's simply someone in your space wishing you lack or failure you can easily pump it away in no time. This does require laying a new track and set point so you'll clear a few times and voila it's done no more invading energies!