Will Power Overriding Body Trauma

Will Power Overriding Body Trauma

written by: Julie Renee Doering
by: Julie Renee Doering

Does a strong will override the needs of the body and body wisdom? And how to integrate your caveman/woman body in all your big life plans?

Through a series of happenings I discovered my body, with all its wisdom and trauma was not enjoying the journey. My spirit mind and emotions were taking it on.

This is so interesting, my body had died twice and I pushed myself as a spirit back in and struggled through some pretty intense, bad, health years. But not only the deaths, but also 3 additional times I was at death's door and refused. I even sent the angel of death packing saying to him: I'm not leaving till I'm done so you may as well stay away from me.

I know the reason I stayed each time was I felt that I could do more, that I could help the evolution of humankind, and that I wanted to do this, it felt like it was important work. Just prior to adopting Adelia, my own 'soul' group came to me and said I could leave at any time, that I had done what I intended and my beloved was waiting for me on the other side. But again I said no, I feel that there is so much more to do. And one of the items was to fully explore and experience full human satisfaction, to be loved and cherished, enjoy romance, and the love of parenting. I felt like I was scratching the surface with the questions of living hundreds of years, not just an extra 10 or 20 years, and I felt I was opening doors, creating new higher frequency energetic set points and bringing a purity and truth to a somewhat muddied field of energetic healing.

So the answer is yes, will and spirit can override the traumas and wants of the body but at what cost? We probably all have pushed through some difficulties in health and vibrancy. But at what point does pushing become more like a slave picture, instead of a harmonious coherency?

If you've been pushing your body around ask yourself: are your activations as successful if the body doesn't want to go on? And the bigger question is, how to invite the body to happily join in the adventure, heal the traumas and align all parts of your being to a new energetic coherency. I am bringing in this new body being encoding, and in 2020 I plan to especially work this integration in the Energize program.

Have you unwittingly been a task master and slave driver to your body, when what it needs is to be invited along, to have time to release the traumas of the past and raise the joy and frequency level of all the cells in your body? Let's explore this together more.

It's good to have a strong will and a strong drive to help humankind. Awareness and understanding demand a shift in how we embrace or ignore body traumas.