Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

written by: Al Duval
by: Al Duval
5th poem jump star gazing 5th poem jump star gazing

Winter solstice the shortest day of the year.

The perfect time to look at the stars, the galaxies and all other satellites.

Looking into the night sky provides an ingestion of photons from the universe. As the sun provides light for growth, the night sky provides light for dreams. The sun enhances the growth of all organic life, the night sky reflects a depth not seen in light. The night moves the sky across from one horizon to the other, parading the constellations.

The winter solstice hides the center of our galaxy to review the full spectrum of these delights.

The earth is aligned so we see the depth of space, beyond out galaxy and into infinite space.

The winter solstice provides an unobstructed view of eternity, our deepest perspective of the divine.

written by: Al Duval

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