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365 POSITIVE! "365 Days of Positive Affirmations to Transform Your Life"

"365 Days of Positive Affirmations to Transform Your Life"
by Tonya GJ Prince
Book Description:

Are you tired of waiting? Are you ready to make your vision a reality? I hope so because in this report, you’ll learn how to develop your big picture, set the stage for success, turn your possibilities into probabilities, and transform your goals into rewarding realities, using the power of positive affirmations. Wishing won’t make you more successful or any happier. BUT, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life on the outside, looking in. Whether you want to be more successful, happier, or any of a million other things, you can change your status quo and your life, with the help of powerful, positive affirmations. Unless your life is perfect, it is possible for you to have greater success and more happiness. In fact, you have infinite possibilities in your life. Right now, your happiness and success “possibilities” are just sitting there…waiting. An affirmation a day keeps the success coming your way! Buy it today!

About Tonya GJ Prince:

With over 24 years of service, Tonya GJ Prince is an expert in healing, preventing, and overcoming both domestic and sexual violence. Tonya is an author, activist, advocate, Survivor, speaker, counselor, & mentor. She is the editor of and, which aids residents of shelters, was also founded by Tonya. Tonya’s unique service emphasis has been dedicated to; crisis counseling, education, centering the voices of victims and cross-cultural empathy and storytelling. Tonya GJ Prince holds a BS in Organizational Management & Development from Bluefield College.

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