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Addiction Sucks "...It depletes you energetically"

Addiction Sucks
"...It depletes you energetically"
by Jyude Allbright
Book Description:

Everything is Energy... What if addiction literally sucks your life force energy, depletes you energetically? And, what if you can reclaim that energy by following a few simple energy action steps? How Can You Turn Addiction Into Healthy and Joyful Living? These simple steps are presented in Addiction Sucks and these strategies will dramatically increase the quality of your recovery and bring health and joy into your life - NOW. What if you let go of any “addictive righteous indignation,” and went for this energy change?

About Jyude Allbright:

Jyude Allbright has recovered from her own personal darkness with addictions. Now, living in the Light, she feels empowered and compelled to share her wisdom with the recovery community and others wishing to release their addictive behaviors, increase their consciousness and live in bliss. How does it get any better than this? As a Recovery Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Prevention Professional, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, spiritual messenger and teacher, Jyude Allbright’s priority is to spread consciousness to those ready to accept it. She is available for private (in person or Skype) and group sessions, loving interventions, and workshops. Jyude’s programs exemplify “recovery beyond the ordinary.” Her book, Soul Steps, revisits the original 12 steps of AA and re-writes them for 21st century consciousness! Visit and for her free ebook, Common and Uncommon Sense.

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